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The Fallout

October 7, 2014 3 comments

ride alarm

This morning I made it back into the gym.  After taking some time yesterday to draft up a high-level training schedule, I hauled my ass out of bed this morning (barely) and got back into the gym.  Upon arriving at the gym, I was rudely greeted by the firm, undeniable reality of my extended training absence: the scale.

We meet again!

It had been months since I had stepped on a scale.  The last time being weeks before my ‘A’ race of the season, and having weighed a post-highschool low of 227lbs, I knew I wouldn’t be so lucky as to still weight the same amount.  After all, there was a lot of pizza, and nachos, and beer, and BBQ, and other delightfully-yummy-but-not-condusive-to-weight-loss foods over the past few months.  Just how much crap had I eaten?  Apparently about 13lbs worth.  240lbs – I thought I had long since left you in the past.  Crap.


I think my honest first reaction was to test the scale.  Surely that couldn’t be right.  Maybe if I just slid the little weight thinger a bit to the left, it would still be level, and all would be forgiven?  Right?  Right?!?  Nope.  The scale doesn’t lie.  So I went and got onto the exercise bike and did what everyone does when stuck on an exercise bike for a prolonged period of time – I fumed!  Why the hell did I take so much time off?!?  Why the hell did I eat like crap these past few months?!!!!!?  Sure, there’s lots of excuses – we were on vacation for two weeks (and seriously: who diets while on vacation?!), I switched jobs and am still adjusting to the new commute and schedule, my wife had a birthday that needed celebrating, etc. etc.  Lots of great excuses, but they’re all just that: excuses.  It’s my own fault I fell off the wagon!  I fumed all the way into the office this morning, burnt my breakfast bagel, and then finally sat down at my computer and spent a few minutes looking at my new training schedule, trying to find something I could tweak to short-cut this fix.  There’s no short cut.  Just hard work ahead of me.

I think I’m somewhere in the Depression stage right now (though perhaps by writing out this blog post I’m moving towards the Acceptance stage).  I wouldn’t say I screwed up – It’s been a good few months; I’ve had a lot of fun, and had the down time that I needed.  But now I need to get back to it.  If there’s a silver lining to this big fat cloud, it’s that I’ve inadvertently done a nice social self experiment: if/when I decide to walk away from triathlon some day, will I be able to maintain the improved body weight and health that I’ve worked hard to attain.  And the answer – based on who I am today – is ‘no’.  I liken it (as best I understand) to an addict.  I can take control of my situation – I can own it, and improve it indefinitely.  But the moment I decide that it’s reached a desired state and I can stop working on it is the moment that it will win, and I will fall right back to where I was.  I suspect I probably have a food addiction.  I definitely have a “lazy” addiction.  And my health is something I’m always going to have to work on.

Nothing to do from here, though, except get back on the horse.  I got up for the gym this morning, and I’ll get up again tomorrow morning.  I’ve written a 5 week training plan – deliberately no more – and I’ll re-evaluate after 5 weeks before planning out the next chunck.  I’ve re-activated my account on Lose It! and am starting to pay closer attention to what I eat (I had leftover potatoe and kale soup for lunch today – a good start).  There’s no better time of year – for a triathlete – than right now to work on improving body composition.  I’m not going to let this beat me again!



Friday Stray Thoughts

July 25, 2014 2 comments

FridayImage by Glenn McCoy

Happy Friday everyone!  For those of you looking for a little light lunchtime internet distraction to tide you over until quitting time, here’s a few Stray Thoughts for your Friday Afternoon

– – – – –SubaruMy third – and likely final – triathlon of the season goes this weekend.  This time, my first ever Try-a-Tri distance race at the Subaru Grimsby/Niagara Race (they can’t seem to get their marketing lined up.  Is it Grimsby?  Is it Niagara?  Let’s pick one folks!)

Anyway… I’m looking forward to this one:

1) It’s a FLAT course – should be fast, and fun

2) It’s an all-out intensity effort, as opposed to an endurance effort (which is new to me)

3) It’ll be done in under an hour

4) I’m racing with a couple buddies from high school who are tackling their first tri.  Really excited to see them pull this off.  And for the celebratory beer after 🙂

What’s breaking my brain is the 1:15pm race start time.  I’ve not done an afternoon race before.  I’m not sure how to handle this.  I have a morning routine – when to wake up, what (and when) to eat.  What do I do now – do I sleep in?  Do I eat a big breakfast?  Do I eat lunch?  Do I go for a walk or a jog in the morning?  Do I drive down early, or hang around at home in the morning?  I’m being a little OCD here, but my routine is broken and I’m not sure what to do about it!

Anyone out there with any advice for an afternoon race start?

– – – – –

broken bike

I may have had a little crash last week (about 10 days ago), while bike commuting to work.  A bit scary at the time – fortunately it amounted to just scrapes and bruises in the long run.  All things heal.  My commuter bike, however, needed several hundred dollars worth of repair work.  Yikes!

(no, that’s not my bike above – that’s just a stock picture.  I’m not on the ball enough to have taken a pic of my own bike)

Thus, I haven’t done an ounce of biking since my last race 2 weeks ago (well, if you don’t count the ~3km from my house to the crash site that one morning… which I don’t).  The cuts and scrapes on my arms and legs have kept me out of the pool.  I did manage one training run this week – a quick slow treadmill 5k at the gym on Monday that felt TERRIBLE!  Seriously – it’s a treadmill; I know exactly what speed I’m running at, and how long I’ve run it for.  I KNOW my numbers used to be better than that.  Where has all my fitness gone this summer?!?  Apparently racing every other week, and not doing much of any training in between, does not constitute maintaining the fitness you built in the off-season.  Whoops.

– – – – –


The nice thing about that one trip to the treadmill (and the gym in general) is that I got to step on the scale there.  I am losing fitness, for sure, but I’m also losing weight (proof, I’ll assume, that weight loss is much more driven by diet then by exercise).  My weight is at an all-time post-highschool low, and dropping.  Which is good.  Which is really good.

Except it coincides with lost fitness, and I don’t like that.  It probably suggests I’m losing more muscle mass than I should.  I don’t like that either.  Which isn’t to say that I’m not totally ecstatic about losing weight, and really happy that my eating habits (in general) are finally supporting this rather than hindering it.  But it also tells me I really need to get my ass back in the gym and do some strength work.  I find it very easy to remember to get out for a run, or a bike ride.  Well, relatively easy, at least.  Those are directly relate to my training goals (plus, going faster is fun)!  I need to remember to continue to hit the weights.  I think that’s going to be this off season’s #1 priority.

Yes – it’s mid July, and I’m talking off season already…

– – – – –

Have a great weekend everybody!  Good Luck to everyone racing or training this weekend!!!

Friday Stray Thoughts

May 16, 2014 1 comment

FridayImage by Glenn McCoy

Happy Friday everyone!  For those of you looking for a little light lunchtime internet distraction to tide you over until quitting time, here’s a few Stray Thoughts for your Friday Afternoon

– – – – –

With apologies to those who follow me on Facebook (and who’ve already seen me link this) – here the latest cartoon from The Oatmeal.  Seriously – maybe the funniest stuff online.  Go read their website, and buy all their stuff (if my budget wasn’t so tight, I sure would… hmmm… if only I had a birthday coming up…)

Sorry – I digress.  Their latest cartoon, which actually has some relevance to learning to get off the couch and into shape.  And it’s kick-ass funny:

– – – – –


I’m now a few weeks into riding my bike semi-reliably to work.  And I’m realizing how different my racing bike is from The Iron Pig that I ride to work.  My commuter bike is HEAVY.  It’s old, and the derailleurs don’t really want to shift when I ask them to.  It seems the more I ride it – even predominantly downhill rides – my thighs are KILLING me by the end.  It is the ultimate pedal-mashing experience.  It really makes me long for my racing bike.  But, on the plus side, I’m going to have the strongest legs I’ve ever had by then end of this summer!!

(and apparently I need to get a better picture of my racing bike… Bad Blogger Dave!!)


– – – – –


This past week has been an utter shit show for me.  Extreme emotional highs and extreme emotional lows.  I feel like I’ve been all over the place.  Where I haven’t been, though, is training.  I’ve allowed myself a bit of an excuse of post-race recovery, but really, 4 days is too long of recovery for a 10k run.  It’s time to get back to work.  And I’m really excited to get back into a training groove.  With this past weekend’s race now in the rear view mirror, I feel like it’s finally triathlon season!  Now if only we could get some consistently nice weather to work with!  C’mon Summer!!

– – – – –

Have a great weekend everybody!  Good Luck to everyone racing or training this weekend!!!  A special shout out to Brittany from The Fit Formula who’s taking on her first Ironman at IMTX this weekend!  You got this!!


April 6, 2013 Leave a comment


Image from

I dared to step on the scale today at the gym before my workout, for the first time since my trip to Whistler (and all the beer consumed in its pubs) – for the first time since Around The Bay – and for the first time since my “recovery week” after ATB…

238.4lbs.  The first time I’ve been sub 240lbs since my University days (almost 10 years).


And now to celebrate, an evening of beer and pub food!

…you may now return to your regular scheduled Saturday.

– DO’G

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