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Race Recap – Santa Pur-SUIT

December 9, 2013 1 comment

IMG_0403I’m a day or so late getting this post up… after weeks of studying for a course that my work was putting me through, and writing my exam last week, this weekend was all about quality time with my wife.  But now that I have a few minutes (that’s what lunch breaks are for, right?  right!)…

Saturday morning was the 2013 Santa Pur-SUIT 5k run race in support of the local YMCA.  What a great event – great cause to run for, and who can beat hundreds of santas running through the streets of Waterloo?!?


This race was all about fun and community.  Did I run a PB time?  No.  Did I expect to?  No.  Considering a) I hadn’t trained, or done any form of exercise more vigorous than walking-around-the-office-at-work in over 2 weeks, and b) I was wearing an ill-fitting felt Santa suit, I’m reasonably happy with my 32:29 time.  It was great to see the local YMCA – where I do all my indoor training – be the benefactor of such a great event.  It was great to get my wife dressed up in a Santa Suit and to go for a run with her (even if she did peel away after 1km and finish a full 5 minutes ahead of me 😉


So that’s it.  My 2013 season is finally finished.  11 races in the books this year:

  • 4 Triathlons (2x Sprint, 1x 750/30/7.5 hybrid, 1x Olympic), including 1 out-of-country race!
  • 1 OW 1.5km Swim Race
  • 1 Road 73km Bike Race
  • 5 Running Races (1x 5km, 2x 10km, 1x 21.1km, and 1x 30km)

For my first “full racing season” (a.k.a. more than 1 race in a calendar year), that was a TON of fun… and way too many races.  As much as I love race day – the start line, the crowd, the music, the atmosphere – my bank account can’t sustain that many races again in 2014, nor can my personal schedule, to be honest.  And really, I think it did me a bit of a disservice racing so often – it was a crazy mix of events and I wasn’t able to get into a training routine focused on long term improvement.  I’m looking forward to 2014, though it will probably include fewer and more strategically selected races.

I’m sure I’ll give some further thought in a future post about my 2014 season (not like there’s a lot else to post about in the winter)… for now, I’m going to enjoy a December filled with no racing, no studying, a loosely scheduled training plan, lots of time with my wife, and lots of food and drink with family and friends!  Let the Holiday Season begin.  Ho Ho Ho!!! (see what I did there?! 😉 )


What’s in YOUR race kit?

December 6, 2013 1 comment

Who’s got one thumb up and is ready to race tomorrow?


This guy!!

I dream of 30…

November 22, 2013 3 comments


Today I hit a milestone.  I ran my first sub 30:00 5k in 29:43… on the treadmill.

I know that treadmill running isn’t the same as outdoor running.  It’s pretty widely credited to be easier than outdoor running (and much less interesting).  I get that.  Still – damn that felt good.  Running sub 30:00 has been a goal of mine for a LONG time.  I feel like (with no real evidence to support this) it’s a significant milestone in the 5k distance.  I’ve done it – not outdoors, and not in a timed race, but I’ve done it.  Which means I can do it again!

15 days to go until the Santa Pur-suit.  Not really knowing what impact running in a Santa Suit has to one’s time, I think that’s my goal: to run it sub 30:00.  That would be a great end to a great 2013 season!

Happy Friday Everybody!!

The 2013 Santa Pur-suit

November 5, 2013 2 comments

Santa-1image credit

I’ve decided to add an 11th race to my 2013 season… ya know, ’cause I’m a bit crazy like that.  But seriously, how could I pass this up?!?

The 2013 Santa Pur-suit

  • A 5k run, marketed as a family fun run (though with chip timing).
  • All entrants receive a Santa Suit as part of their entry fee, which must be worn during the event
  • Funds raised benefit the YMCAs of Waterloo Region, which I’m totally on board with supporting!

Seriously!!!  Who can pass up the opportunity to run a 5k race IN A SANTA SUIT… WITH HUNDREDS OF OTHER SANTAS!!!

If this isn’t the perfect ending to a race season, I don’t know what is!!

If you’re local (or feel like being local to Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, for a weekend on December 7th) you should totally run with us.  It looks like a great, fun, family event regardless of ability.  Or at the very least come cheer us on as hundreds of Santas take to the streets!!

If you’re less local (or hell, even if you are local), and want to pledge my run in support of the YMCA, you can visit this link > Click on ‘Pledge a Participant’ > search for myself (or my wife, who’s also running) by name).

– – – – –

In other racing news, this past weekend I ran the Hamilton Road2Hope 10k.  I didn’t do a pre or post race report… mostly because I was lazy… so sneaking in a quick recap here.

It was wet.  It was wet and cold and pretty utterly miserable.

That said, we had a really great time!  I ran with my wife, my cousin, and my wife’s friend from her school (and her husband and even her 3yr old son, who signed up for the 1k kids run!!).  We had a full on team representing.  And even in spite of Saturday morning’s heavy, driving, cold rain we ran.  And I even did pretty good, conditions considering: 1:03:46.  That’s 1min05sec off my 10k PB (which was done on a course 100% downhill – this race was elevation neutral) and 6 minutes faster than my time in the same race last year.  I’m pretty happy with that.

It was actually the first time I’ve raced the same race, on the same course, for a second time.  A perfect opportunity to measure progress relative to last year.  Not factoring for weather (as I recall last year may have been a few degrees colder, but it was dry and sunny and those make a big difference), I’ve managed to drop 6 minutes (or 8%) off my 10k run time in the past year.  I don’t think that’s too bad at all!

Now everyone’s caught up on my recent race news (both past and future).  Anyone else have any fun races lined up to finish off 2013?

Anyone want to come do a 5k race in a Santa Suit with us?  You know you want to…


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