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Friday Stray Thoughts

August 2, 2013 1 comment


Image by Glenn McCoy

Happy Friday everyone!  For those of you looking for a little light lunchtime internet distraction to tide you over until quitting time, here’s a Few Stray Thoughts for your Friday Afternoon

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My good friend/personal trainer forwarded to me this article from Runner’s World Magazine, highlighting a study that found benefits to running economy for those who do high weight/low rep resistance training.

I don’t think resistance training being of value to endurance athletes is news to, well, anybody probably.  I, for one, HATE weight training.  Bleh.  So boring.  As a triathlete, I want to run and bike and swim – because those are fun (that’s why I race).  I know resistance training will help make me faster (and healthier), so that’s why I do it.  But because I don’t enjoy it, I’m often guilty of doing many reps of a lesser weight – because if I’m not enjoying something, it’s easy to cop out.  But I guess if I have to be in the weight room I’d rather get more bang for my buck – and hey, doing less reps probably means I get it over with faster, amiright?

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brickThis one from our good friend Twitter…

This article posits that – for long course triathlon (which I don’t do today… though I’m certainly contemplating a Half Iron in the next few years) more so than short course races – the value of brick workouts may be overrated.

Well, that’s stirring the pot of conventional logic a bit… it’s an interesting argument, which I’m not sure if I’m in agreement with or not.  And maybe that’s because I only do short distance racing at this point.  From our earliest days of triathlon training, we’re taught to do our brick sessions.  Keep doing bricks – they suck, but they’re good for you!  It’s like eating your brussels sprouts!  But maybe there is an argument to doing more of your run training on fresh legs, when you can practice good form and pacing and really running your best, as opposed to run training on dead legs.  It sure would make training schedules a lot easier…

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Finally, here’s one from Canadian Running magazine outlining 10 common rookie mistakes beginner runners should avoid.

Think back to your early days of running.  How many of these were you guilty of?  #1, #6, and #10 were my vices.

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Have a great weekend everybody!


I’m officially a runner now!

November 15, 2012 3 comments

Yep – that’s my foot. Hope we’re all friendly here…

There are a lot of measures one could use to qualify that they’ve finally joined the inner circle of “runners” (as opposed to persons who have gone out for a jog on occasion).  Maybe by having entered a race, you consider yourself a runner.  Or maybe by having run a Personal Best (thus showing progress), you consider yourself a runner.

You know how I know I’m finally a runner?  Because I finally have my first black runner’s toe (ewwwwww…)

I actually debated for a while about posting the picture on this blog or not – I’m trying to post more original photos, but it’s a picture of a foot, after all.  My foot.  Is that weird?  But, ya know what, it’s a blog about me, and about multi-sport, and runner’s toe is a valid topic of conversation.  Plus, I’m actually kinda proud to have my first runner’s toe.  And besides, we’re all friends here, right?  It’s a crappy grainy iPhone picture of a foot… whatever!

I only first found out about runner’s toe when my wife started to get bruising under her toe nails when she was training for her half-marathon this summer.  I did a little reading up on it (about as much as one can do on their lunch break while still leaving enough time to write this post… and eat… which basically means I read one web page).  According to Livestrong “Soreness and bruising in the toes is not unusual for runners, especially if you are training for a long race or have recently amped up your mileage”.  Sure enough, my toe first started to feel sore after my 10K, although last night (being over 2 full weeks later) was the first time I thought to actually look at it.

Seems the likely culprit is ill fitting running shoes.  Not surprising – my shoes are pretty dead after the pounding I put them through this summer.  The budget allows for a new pair in January – I think this time I’ll actually go to a runner’s store and get fitted properly, instead of buying whatever shoe was on sale from the half-paying-attention teenager working at the “sports” shop in the mall.  Good shoes aren’t cheap, but are probably worth the investment.

In the mean time, I’m kinda enjoying my runner’s toe.  It’s my badge of honor (sort of).  I feel like I’m part of the running community now – I’ve paid my dues.  And it doesn’t hurt too much, except when I wiggle my toes and it brushes against the top of my work shoes.  At least I don’t have to worry about fancy open-toed shoes or painting my nails or such – that puppy can stay black and bruised as long as it wants to.  I’ve earned it!

(and I promise – no more pictures of my feet on this blog)

– DO’G


March 3, 2012 1 comment

well... crap...

Now I’ve gone and done it.  I thought I could go for a run yesterday.  It’s just a calf cramp I thought… I’ve stretched, no biggie.  Sure, the first 2km were fine, but after that things went down hill fast.  By 4km I was hobbling home, and I’ve been hobbling ever since.

Today I’m hard pressed to move at all.  Stairs are particularly tough.  The hamstring is a bit sore, I think mostly because I’m favoring the calf too much, but the calf muscle is still a rock.

So now I’m popping pills and canceling my running plans for tonight!  Not impressed.  Not even slightly.  So far this week I’ve hit every one of my goals (and they were ambitious goals) except my run total.  I’ve run 9.28kms so far with a goal of 15km by the end of this weekend.  Completely do-able, if only my calf will let me move at more than a hobble.

Calf strains shouldn’t last over 48 hours.  I’ve done something to it.  I think this constitutes my first official training injury, something I was hoping to avoid.  Fingers crossed it clears this weekend, otherwise by Monday we start looking for a plan to deal with it.

– DO’G

Calf cramps suck

March 2, 2012 Leave a comment

Yeah - 'cause that's totally me...

Getting out of the pool last night I had a massive spasm in my right calf.  It was like things went into slow motion – I could feel my leg tightening as I was climbing out, but I couldn’t relax my leg in time to prevent onset.  A calf cramp.  One of the most painful nuisance-grade injuries in the sporting world, and I know it well.

I get calf cramps several times per year.  Usually they come in the middle of the night when I haven’t been doing anything at all, and always in my right leg.  This one was particularly bad.  It was a good 5 minutes before I could get up off the pool deck and start walking it off (yet surprisingly, the lifeguards on deck didn’t come ask if I was ok at all.  There were only 2 of us in the pool, and one of them was laying on the pool deck grimacing in pain and holding their leg… were they too busy to come and check?)

It’s now about 18 hours later.  I walked home – slowly – after my swim.  I had a hot bath when I got home to relax the muscle.  I slept for almost 10 hours… well, more or less.  I even exercised and stretched today on my lunch break.  But the calf muscle is still cranky.  Usually calf cramps suck for 20 minutes, and then they pass.  This one is lasting a really long time.  Hopefully it’ll pass soon – I look pretty ridiculous limping around in the mean time.

– DO’G

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