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Striving For Fitness

January 27, 2015 3 comments


I had a conversation this weekend with a friend of a friend who saw me wearing one of my triathlon race shirts and was impressed “wow – you really do triathlons?”  To me this seemed so odd.  Sure, I sign up for (and finish nearly last in) triathlons all the time.  Anyone can sign up for a race and finish last (that’s easy!!) But I don’t really consider myself a fit person – the prototype we think of as a “triathlete” – so I don’t find it all that impressive.  It’s hard to consider yourself a fit person when your training is inconsistent.  People who actually get to the gym every day, who actually set their alarm – and get out of bed – at 5am every day, who can turn their back on sweet or salty treats in the interest of their overall health, those are the people who impress me.

An article came through my twitter feed today that caught my eye: 10 Things Fit, Healthy People Do Differently Every Day from  It really resonated with me.  This is almost a perfect list of the habits that I am trying (and struggling) to form for myself.  A few highlights that hit home:

Fit, healthy people have grit – I’m really prone to bursts of enthusiasm, that usually last about 4-6 weeks, and often in the weeks immediately leading up to a race.  But I struggle to string these bursts of enthusiasm together for a long-view approach to training.  I know it’s important, but it’s easy to find an excuse when there’s no immanent feedback.  But it takes weeks for fitness to build.

Fit, healthy people rise with the sun – If there’s one habit I could make myself change, this would be it.  I love sleep way too much, and I hate getting out of the bed in the morning.  But I know I train better in the morning – and in fact, I have more energy and a more positive life outlook when I get my ass out of bed.  Somehow, that always seems negotiable while I’m still under the covers.

Fit, healthy people treat themselves – Okay, I’m actually really good at treating myself (and feel really guilty when I do it).  The trick here is to treat myself less often, and feel less guilty when I do.  Make it an actual treat for hitting a goal, and be proud of the goal and enjoy the treat.  Then get back at it (see: “Fit, healthy people have grit”).

I’m going to print this article and post it up on my fridge as a focus reminder to help me hit my goals this year.  It would be nice to weigh less, and to race faster, but more than anything, I really want to be fit and healthy for the long term.  And these are some great habits to focus on!



New Year, New Gear

January 16, 2015 Leave a comment


Welcome to 2015, friends.  I’m a bit late to the dance on this one.  I suppose I still need to do my 2014 in review post, goals for 2015, etc.  All in good time folks, all in good time.

I think the most important thing to post about, first and foremost, is the importance to me of posting.  Writing blog posts about triathlon training in the fall and winter is tough: there’s nothing to write about.  The race season is over, the weather is getting colder, and the body needs a break.  But I’ve long ago noticed that blog posting helps keep me motivated (and accountable, really).  I don’t think it’s correlation, I think it’s causation.  When I stop posting, I stop training.  I stop working out.  I turn back into the big old couch potato I fear turning back into.


But it’s a new year.  That means new plans, and new goals.  I’ve got a training plan.  Check.  I’ve got a group of friends that I’m doing a weight loss challenge with.  Check.  I’m even signed up for a pair of 2015 races already.  Double Check.  Now all I need is the motivation, and posting here is a big part of it.

So here’s the deal, friends: I’m gonna start writing here again.  Regularly.  Because it really helps me keep my head in the game.  And you’re gonna help keep me accountable, okay?  Because… well, for whatever reasons it is you’re reading this post now, I guess.

It’s time to kick this New Year into a New Gear!!! (see what I just did there?)

It’s Friday Folks!  Here’s to a great weekend!  Make sure you get off that couch!


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