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The Fallout

October 7, 2014 3 comments

ride alarm

This morning I made it back into the gym.  After taking some time yesterday to draft up a high-level training schedule, I hauled my ass out of bed this morning (barely) and got back into the gym.  Upon arriving at the gym, I was rudely greeted by the firm, undeniable reality of my extended training absence: the scale.

We meet again!

It had been months since I had stepped on a scale.  The last time being weeks before my ‘A’ race of the season, and having weighed a post-highschool low of 227lbs, I knew I wouldn’t be so lucky as to still weight the same amount.  After all, there was a lot of pizza, and nachos, and beer, and BBQ, and other delightfully-yummy-but-not-condusive-to-weight-loss foods over the past few months.  Just how much crap had I eaten?  Apparently about 13lbs worth.  240lbs – I thought I had long since left you in the past.  Crap.


I think my honest first reaction was to test the scale.  Surely that couldn’t be right.  Maybe if I just slid the little weight thinger a bit to the left, it would still be level, and all would be forgiven?  Right?  Right?!?  Nope.  The scale doesn’t lie.  So I went and got onto the exercise bike and did what everyone does when stuck on an exercise bike for a prolonged period of time – I fumed!  Why the hell did I take so much time off?!?  Why the hell did I eat like crap these past few months?!!!!!?  Sure, there’s lots of excuses – we were on vacation for two weeks (and seriously: who diets while on vacation?!), I switched jobs and am still adjusting to the new commute and schedule, my wife had a birthday that needed celebrating, etc. etc.  Lots of great excuses, but they’re all just that: excuses.  It’s my own fault I fell off the wagon!  I fumed all the way into the office this morning, burnt my breakfast bagel, and then finally sat down at my computer and spent a few minutes looking at my new training schedule, trying to find something I could tweak to short-cut this fix.  There’s no short cut.  Just hard work ahead of me.

I think I’m somewhere in the Depression stage right now (though perhaps by writing out this blog post I’m moving towards the Acceptance stage).  I wouldn’t say I screwed up – It’s been a good few months; I’ve had a lot of fun, and had the down time that I needed.  But now I need to get back to it.  If there’s a silver lining to this big fat cloud, it’s that I’ve inadvertently done a nice social self experiment: if/when I decide to walk away from triathlon some day, will I be able to maintain the improved body weight and health that I’ve worked hard to attain.  And the answer – based on who I am today – is ‘no’.  I liken it (as best I understand) to an addict.  I can take control of my situation – I can own it, and improve it indefinitely.  But the moment I decide that it’s reached a desired state and I can stop working on it is the moment that it will win, and I will fall right back to where I was.  I suspect I probably have a food addiction.  I definitely have a “lazy” addiction.  And my health is something I’m always going to have to work on.

Nothing to do from here, though, except get back on the horse.  I got up for the gym this morning, and I’ll get up again tomorrow morning.  I’ve written a 5 week training plan – deliberately no more – and I’ll re-evaluate after 5 weeks before planning out the next chunck.  I’ve re-activated my account on Lose It! and am starting to pay closer attention to what I eat (I had leftover potatoe and kale soup for lunch today – a good start).  There’s no better time of year – for a triathlete – than right now to work on improving body composition.  I’m not going to let this beat me again!



It’s been a while

October 2, 2014 3 comments

looking back

I haven’t posted here since the end of July, huh?  Sadly, that sounds about right.  Life’s taken me a lot of great places these past two months, but sadly, few of them have involved any form of training (or exercise in general, to be honest).  I think the break has been really good for me, mentally.  It’s allowed me to focus on building other facets of my life – I had a wonderful 2 week vacation out east with my wife (4 provinces, 4 states, 3 breweries visited, and 1 wrecked tent – a great road trip), and started an amazing new job.  But it’s also really reminded me how much I miss training.  I miss having the goal of a race to work towards.  The motivation.  The challenge.  The reason to get my ass out of bed at 5:00am each morning (which I’ve been terrible about doing lately)!  For all the adventure in my life these past few weeks, that’s the stability I’m missing.

I’ve decided I need to sign up for another race (because, well, that’s what I do).  I really wanted to get in on the Scotiabank Toronto Half Marathon in a few weeks, but I’ve recently decided – given that I haven’t done a run longer than 10k in nearly 18 months – that it’s probably too short a timeline to train up for a Half Marathon so soon.  Although just barely 😉  And with the winter coming up fast and furious, there are few races in the next few months that are jumping off the page at me.  Which means I’m looking at something a bit further in the distance – and if I’m doing that… I might as well aim big

I’d say this is somewhere between confirmed committment (largely because registration hasn’t opened yet) and a seriously percolating idea.  But really, why not?  I could use a good kick-in-the-ass to get myself back in the gym!


Glad to be back to blogging.  Looking forward to getting back into training.  Happy to have a goal to work towards again!  Happy to have the stability back in my life!


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