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Opening Day


It’s the Happiest Day of the Year!!

Opening Day – the truest sign of spring I know.  Summer is on the way.  Baseball is back.  Life is good.  And like every year, it means an afternoon off work!  Happiest day of the year indeed!

And what a perfect day to take an afternoon off work:


It’s sunny.  It’s warm (relatively speaking).  It’s a great day to get out of the office.  And while I’m currently parked on the couch ready for first pitch in about 5 minutes, I didn’t completely waste this brilliant afternoon:


Okay – I look really grumpy there.  Selfie fail.  ‘Cause I really wasn’t.  I was outside for a run, without a jacket.  And in SHORTS!!!  I discovered that it’s really hard to take a full body selfie – my arms just aren’t that long – so you’ll have to trust me I’m outside in shorts (besides, nobody really needs to see those pasty legs anyway… let’s get some more sun on those bad boys before they show up in any pictures, right).

It’s spring!  Baseball is back, running in shorts, life is good!  Life is real good!  I think even the bottle in the backyard is starting to realize it’s spring!



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