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Friday… err… Thursday Stray Thoughts

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FridayImage by Glenn McCoy

I know… it’s not Friday… but I really wish it was.  And I didn’t feel like writing a full post on anything below on it’s own – I just don’t have the energy for that right now…

– – – – –coke

This feels like deja vu.  Have I written about this before?  Once?  Twice?  More?  Maybe?

Anyway, I’m off the Coke band wagon again (for the bazillionth time, it feels like).  I don’t know why I can’t kick this.  I suffer in caffeine and sugar withdrawal for a few days, feel good for a few weeks, and then fall back into my old ways.  I’m doing okay avoiding the irritability this time, by my co-workers say I definitely look tired.  And I sure as hell am dragging ass around the office this week.

I think I’ve covered it in depth here, and here, but we’ll giv’er a go again.  Shit, one of these times, it’s gotta work – right?  I’m a grown-up, right?  I can choose not to drink a soft drink, can’t I?  (can’t I?!?)


Edit: I actually started this blog post yesterday, and wrote the above yesterday.  Today, I had a coke.  Maybe I should try a weening processes rather than a cold turkey process?  Or maybe I’m just enabling myself?  Or maybe I’m just over thinking the whole damn thing…

– – – – –


Did you know this is an actual thing?  That grown-ups do?!?  They play dodgeball, as a rec sport!  It’s pretty amazing!!!  Friends of mine play dodgeball, and their team was short Monday night, so they asked me to sub in.  I said to them: “So, what exactly are the rules to Dodgeball?”, and they said back “Oh, you know, just like you used to play it as a kid”.


So I played dodgeball Monday night.  It was a lot of fun (Note: it’s surprisingly difficult to aim where you throw a basketball sized ball of foam!!)  And I was shocked at how much exercise it was – all that jumping, and running, and dodging, and ducking, and dipping, and diving… and dodging (I had to!).  I was thinking to myself: I already did a lift session in the morning, and a bike session after work.  And now this (Note: this could also be why I’m dragging ass this week).  I hope I don’t hurt myself…

… which of course, I did.  One ill attempt at dodging had me land hard on one foot.  I thought for sure I had hurt my ankle, and was actually pretty frustrated at myself for doing so.  It’s now 48+ hours later.  I can put weight on it and walk without a limp.  But it’s sore – really sore.  And more so half way up my calf/shin than at the ankle itself.  My gut tells me running on it is a bad idea (since walking hurts).  I really don’t want to take any time off from running right now, but I also don’t want to really hurt it and have to take any prolonged time off of running.  What do I do?!?  If only I had a crystal ball…

What is it with me and stupid injuries playing non-competitive rec sports?!?

– – – – –


I found this great article this morning on TrainingPeaks: What’s Your Motivation?

If you’re like me, and struggling through this long cold winter: Read it!  Then read it again!  Then probably read it a third time for good measure!  I found it really hit the mark for me.  It sums up well why we do this silly training thing in the first place.  Because it’s not silly: it’s a lifestyle!  In particular, for me, the money quote:

When you have a super awesome, really cool goal for the season and you reach it, typically you’ll ask yourself, “Now what?” We see this all the time. As a coach, I constantly remind my athletes that it’s a lot easier to get to the top of the mountain than it is to stay there. Where’s that intrinsic motivation going to come from once you’ve reached the top?

The top of my mountain was the end of 2013 – having finished my first Olympic distance triathlon.  That was my goal – to finish.  And I did it.  I couldn’t believe I did it, but I did.  Goal accomplished.  Now what?  Last year I finished, having done the absolute bare minimum amount of training necessary to run crawl across that finish line.  Is “finishing” still the goal?  Do I not want to do better?  Do I not want to go faster? And should that not be my motivation to push harder – to set a goal, to be faster?

I think it’s about time I set some goals for 2014 – something other than the ambiguous “be faster”.  I need to get on that shortly…

– – – – –

Have a great weekend everybody!  Good Luck to everyone racing or training this weekend!!!

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