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New Exciting Things

January 31, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

RW_Logo_200x75_2(sorry for the lack of Friday Stray Thoughts today… I was drawing a blank.  Besides, I had something to actually write about.  Hope that’s cool with you)

This one’s been in the works all hush hush like for a while, but now that it’s finally been published on the website, I figure I’m okay to talk about it here to.  Right?  Right!

I’ve joined up with RunWaterloo (aka the Waterloo Running Series) as their shiny new Volunteer Coordinator!


I’m excited!  Can you tell!

Why?  Because I have too much free time on my hands?  (umm… no)

Because I love running events (and triathlon too, obviously).  I love ‘race day’, and this gives me a chance to be part of putting on 13+ ‘race days’ each year.  And I really believe volunteers make all the difference.  They make a good race GREAT.  Races don’t happen without all the volunteers – from the marshals on the course, to the people handing out race kits and food, to the folks who show up at the crack of dawn (or earlier) to set up the course, and stay late to clean up after all of us.  Its a kind soul who shows up to do this work.  And it’s my way of saying ‘thank you’ by rolling up my sleeves and and pitching in.

And to me, RunWaterloo is a great fit!  They do an amazing job of giving back to their community.  They’re accessible to runners of all abilities – from podium finishers to first time runners to families.  They’re a great little run group, and I’m so excited to be part of the team!  Seriously, if you’re ever in the Kitchener-Waterloo area you should come run with us!  Or come volunteer, that works too 😉

I could certainly use some new ideas and experiences to draw on.  So I’d love to hear from you:

Have you ever volunteered for a race (or other event)?  What made it great (or crappy) for you?  Or as a runner in a race, do you have a stand out story about a volunteer there?


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