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Week In Review

January 19, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

badtriThis may or may not end up being a recurring feature on this blog, largely dependent on how busy lazy I am on Sundays.  We’ll give it a try for a bit and see how it goes.

Looking Back

WIR 140119

Nice to finally get a bit of everything into the same week.  Though I was a bit skeptic posting some of these numbers – they feel really slow.  I’m starting to add in focused drill work – particularly in the swim, and to a lesser extent on the bike – to work on my technique.  Funny thing is, when you start swimming drills like tombstone kick drills, you don’t go very fast.  I guess I just have to get over myself and remember that no one else really cares how fast I go in training.  You don’t care, do you? (do you?!?)

Looking Forward

Right now I’m not thinking much further ahead than this afternoon, and trying not to take a nap (to make sure I sleep nice and well tonight).  I’ve had crap for sleep all weekend, and it’s really been wearing on me.  This week I want to make sure I sleep well and am rested for each of my sessions.

Thoughts From This Week That I Think I Think

  1. I had a lovely long run yesterday.  My running app wasn’t working properly, so I had no GPS indication of distance or pace, and therefore no data indication of when to speed up, slow down, or take a walk break (or stop taking a walk break).  So I just ran.  It was really nice to run by feel and perceived effort alone.  In the end, I took less walk breaks than I normally would, but also ran a bit slower than I normally would.  And I didn’t go as far as I would have liked for a “long run”.  But it was a very enjoyable session.  A great winter run!
    140118 A Perfect Running Day
  2. The pool is much busier on weekday mornings than is the gym.  The swimmers there are very friendly and chatty.  A nice social crowd.  I need to keep reminding myself I’m there to get some work done.
  3. The bike saddles at the gym still suck, but they suck distinctly less when you’re focusing on paying attention to a drill and the gym TVs have the Raptors vs Lakers game on than when you’re just spinning an easy 60 minutes and the TV is playing crap.  Then you have nothing else to think about other than how much your ass hurts!

Thoughts From This Week That Have Nothing To Do With Triathlon

  1. Denver vs. New England.  Seattle vs. San Francisco.  I think I’m both cheering for, and expecting a Denver vs Seattle Superbowl?  I think?  Or maybe I’m just hoping for a good Superbowl party.  Anyone out there have a particular strong interest?
  2. After having an unintentionally beer-free week last week, this week I got to enjoy a lovely bottle of Fin du Monde.  In fact, I even had a second!  Lucky me!!!
  3. My wife and I, having finished watching the 3rd season of Sherlock, are now re-watching the first 2 seasons on Netflicks.  Really great show.  Too bad there’s only 3 episodes per season (although at 90 minutes long they’re almost mini-movies…)
  4. I love tacos.  I love tacos!!  Friends of ours made tacos for a dinner party this weekend!  I don’t think there’s any better surprise than surprise tacos!  #The #Best  What’s your favorite guilty-pleasure-food?

That’s my week in a nutshell.  How was your week?

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