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A Vacation from Training

December 19, 2013 1 comment

ExcusesFrom a training perspective, December is proving to be a total write-off…

It started with 2 weeks of Total Brain Rest after my concussion playing Hockey Football Bungee Jumping… [sigh] volleyball.  I was worried at the time it would derail the fantastic momentum I had going… and I was right.  But I haven’t exactly gotten back on the horse since then.  Sure, I’ve been to the gym a whole 4 times this month.  I guess that’s better than nothing (marginally).  It’s a far cry though from what I had planned.

I could blame a busy month at work.  I could blame the busy holiday season.  I could blame the cold, or the snow.  But really, the problem is simply that my Give-A-Shit levels are pretty low this month.  And I’m perfectly okay with that.

I left work at 4:00 today and am now officially on VACATION for 11 days (well, for the most part).  Tomorrow we begin our Whirlwind-11-Day-Cross-Country-Family-Visiting-Tour!


No, we don’t intend to drive to Edmonton… but I was lazy, and it was easier to do this than to open up photoshop and draw a ‘flight’ line

We’re bringing our running shoes, and I hope to get out for a few casual runs over the break – not because I have a plan to keep, or a race coming up, but for the enjoyment of running.  Simply that.  I have a training plan mapped out for the new year to start working back into a routine, and I’m actually looking forward to getting back into it.  But as much as I need a vacation from work right now, I’m taking a vacation from ‘training’ as well.

How do you know when you need to take a break from your plan?


Race Recap – Santa Pur-SUIT

December 9, 2013 1 comment

IMG_0403I’m a day or so late getting this post up… after weeks of studying for a course that my work was putting me through, and writing my exam last week, this weekend was all about quality time with my wife.  But now that I have a few minutes (that’s what lunch breaks are for, right?  right!)…

Saturday morning was the 2013 Santa Pur-SUIT 5k run race in support of the local YMCA.  What a great event – great cause to run for, and who can beat hundreds of santas running through the streets of Waterloo?!?


This race was all about fun and community.  Did I run a PB time?  No.  Did I expect to?  No.  Considering a) I hadn’t trained, or done any form of exercise more vigorous than walking-around-the-office-at-work in over 2 weeks, and b) I was wearing an ill-fitting felt Santa suit, I’m reasonably happy with my 32:29 time.  It was great to see the local YMCA – where I do all my indoor training – be the benefactor of such a great event.  It was great to get my wife dressed up in a Santa Suit and to go for a run with her (even if she did peel away after 1km and finish a full 5 minutes ahead of me 😉


So that’s it.  My 2013 season is finally finished.  11 races in the books this year:

  • 4 Triathlons (2x Sprint, 1x 750/30/7.5 hybrid, 1x Olympic), including 1 out-of-country race!
  • 1 OW 1.5km Swim Race
  • 1 Road 73km Bike Race
  • 5 Running Races (1x 5km, 2x 10km, 1x 21.1km, and 1x 30km)

For my first “full racing season” (a.k.a. more than 1 race in a calendar year), that was a TON of fun… and way too many races.  As much as I love race day – the start line, the crowd, the music, the atmosphere – my bank account can’t sustain that many races again in 2014, nor can my personal schedule, to be honest.  And really, I think it did me a bit of a disservice racing so often – it was a crazy mix of events and I wasn’t able to get into a training routine focused on long term improvement.  I’m looking forward to 2014, though it will probably include fewer and more strategically selected races.

I’m sure I’ll give some further thought in a future post about my 2014 season (not like there’s a lot else to post about in the winter)… for now, I’m going to enjoy a December filled with no racing, no studying, a loosely scheduled training plan, lots of time with my wife, and lots of food and drink with family and friends!  Let the Holiday Season begin.  Ho Ho Ho!!! (see what I did there?! 😉 )

What’s in YOUR race kit?

December 6, 2013 1 comment

Who’s got one thumb up and is ready to race tomorrow?


This guy!!

2014 Begins!

December 5, 2013 3 comments

TTFLogo2014 feels like it’s starting early now that I’ve registered for my first race for next summer, the Toronto Triathlon Festival Olympic Distance Race.

Really excited to be in this race.  I wanted to do it last summer, but it fell on the same day as my Cincinnati race (which I had already signed up for by the time I had heard about this one).  I can’t wait to race through downtown Toronto!

Really excited to have a race already in the calendar for 2014.  It makes the new year feel much more real – like there’s a continuation of the achievements from this past summer (and something to work towards in the gym every morning this winter).

Really looking forward to getting back into my training next week!!

#SoExcited!!!  Counting down to July 13th 2014 already!!

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