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Race Recap: Toronto Island Sprint Triathlon


On the ferry by sunrise. We triathletes are a crazy breed!

It’s a little odd writing two blog posts in a row that are Race Recaps… maybe it’s a sign that I’m not posting often enough (or, more likely, that I don’t have enough interesting to say these days to warrant posts).  Or maybe it’s a sign that I’m racing too often.  Either way, this morning – for the second consecutive Sunday morning – I got up at the shit crack of early and caught the ferry over to Toronto Island for another race.

… and a huge Thank You to my wife for getting up early and coming out to cheer me on.

I love my #triwife

I love my #triwife

Today I raced the Toronto Island Sprint Triathlon race – a race I signed up for as a training race.  Though, let’s be honest: this wasn’t a training race – it was a fun race, pure and simple.  I didn’t sign up for this because I had a specific training goal I wanted to hit.  I signed up for it because I could walk to the ferry docks (thus, effectively to the starting line) from my front door.  I signed up for it because I have come to love Toronto Island as a beautiful part of this city and it’s waterfront, and a great training site for me this summer.

I think mostly I signed up for it because I really love racing.  And regardless of what a proper training arc suggests about rest and peak periods – I wanted to race.  So I did.

You gotta really love this sport to be dressed in spandex neoprene before 8:00am

You gotta really love this sport to be dressed in spandex neoprene before 8:00am… or to post a picture of yourself like that on the internet

How was the race?  It had pros and cons…

Pro: My swim felt great.  The water was mid-low 60°s… really cold, although I swam in colder last weekend, so it wasn’t bad in comparison.  I remembered my wetsuit this time.  I felt strong through the swim, and by half way through I was reeling in other swimmers who had started out stronger than me.  I’ll file this one in the memory as what a good swim should feel like.

Con: My swim time.  18:00 exactly.  That’s pretty rough for a 750m swim, especially for how good it felt (I blame the long run up from shore that must have been at least 500m through sand, grass, and along a boardwalk).

Pro: My bike felt really great.  Toronto Island isn’t very long – the course was 2 loops of a 10k out-and-back that spanned the length of the island.  And it was flat as a road in the prairies.  No hills in the climb.  I rode 20k in 40:16 – easily a PB bike split.  It’s fun to ride fast (or at least fast for me).

Con: Absolutely everything about the run.  For as great as my swim and bike were, my run sucked!  The course wasn’t my favorite course – they had us run 4 laps of a 1.25km course (and it was a 625m out-and-back course to boot… not even a circuit).  4 laps of a little course is a lot – it’s surprisingly boring to run past the same few trees again… and again… and again.  Also, in a normal run course the runners are all spread out.  In a small 4 lap course like this there are runners everywhere.  It was crowded, and boring… and just exhausting.  Not that that’s any excuse – my run is my Achilles’ heel.  It sucked.  I have a lot of training work to do on my run this off season.  36:50.  GROSS!!!

Overall:  1:39:02.9.  48/58 in my Age Group (241/272 Men overall).  But I had fun.  I enjoyed going back over to the island.  And any race experience is a good experience.

Sometimes, we just enjoy the finish

The finish is always worth it!

  1. August 26, 2013 at 8:26 am

    Sounds like a solid effort and you have goals to improve upon. I cannot stand looped race courses as they drive me nuts looking at the same scenery over and over. You still have an olympic coming up correct? Love the picture in the wetsuit, great!
    Good work.

  2. sweatingforit
    August 26, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    Sounds fun!

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