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Taking A Break

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I’ve stumbled upon an unintentional extended rest period.  Essentially, I’ve stopped training.  Cold turkey.  Full stop.  Oops.

(okay – I did jump on the indoor exercise bike at the gym for a 1hr session once last week… does that count?)

It occurred to me, while doing nothing this past week, that I’ve been jumping from race to race – finishing one, “recovering” for a day or two, and then looking ahead to the next – since about early December last year when I first signed up for Around The Bay.  That’s not to say I’ve been perfectly diligent in sticking to my training schedule – FAR from it – but when I do fall off the wagon, I get pretty hard on myself.


There’s always a next race.  And there’s always more work I could be putting in.  Let’s face it – this isn’t sustainable!

I think I mentally hit a wall.  Coming off the Binbrook Triathlon last weekend, and looking ahead to Tour de Waterloo only 14 days away (now this coming weekend) I think the body threw up the white flag.

I’ve had a nice week off.  Sure, there were several times when I looked at my training plan and thought I should be out there running, or biking, or doing anything that remotely resembles productive training.  But those thoughts were few and far between, and I really didn’t dwell on them much (or give myself much grief when they passed).  The body needed a break.  The mind needed a break.  I’ve let them both have it.


In fact, I’m viewing this two week period as a mini reset before I dive into the next phase of races.  I’ll probably get in 2-3 sessions this week – light sessions, just to shake out the legs a bit, but nothing too taxing.  I’m really enjoying the thought of a well defined, guilt free break.

Of course, this means I won’t be going all out at this weekend’s Tour de Waterloo.  I’m more than okay with that.  My goals in singing up for this event were to experience a bike-only event, and to do a longer ride in a race-like environment, so the bike leg of my Olympic distance triathlon later this summer seems less long.  It’s now time to add another goal for this event: have fun!


I’m actually not sure what to expect of this event.  I don’t know if it’s a race, or a casual charity ride, or something in between?  It’s chip timed, I know that, but is marketed as being very friendly to recreational riders.  I really like that.  And not to sound like I won’t push hard and work for the best time I can over the 70k distance – because I will – but I’m looking forward to a lighter event.  A fun event.

After this weekend I’ll reassess the training plan, and gear back into a full training schedule.  The race season isn’t over, and I have goals to achieve, and work to do to reach them.  But it’s nice to back off for a bit.  I think it’ll help me move forward.

Do you ever need to take a break from your goals/hobbies?

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