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Race Preview: Binbrook Triathlon

Apparently, this is Binbrook...

Apparently, this is Binbrook…

It’s hard to believe, for as much as I ramble about Triathlon This and Triathlon That, that when I toe the line at Binbrook this weekend, it’ll be only my 2nd triathlon race*, and my first in about 21 months.

* I was supposed to race a triathlon last September, but weather turned it into a Duathlon on me.  Pfft.  Technicality.

Believe it or not, I’m actually a bit nervous.  And of all things, it’s the swim that’s making me nervous.


image credit <– lots of cool illustrations.  check it out!

Seriously?!  Me!  The swim is my strength!  The swim is my niche!  While other triathletes come from running or cycling backgrounds, I come from a swimming background.  I’ve been swimming since I was a toddler!  I played waterpolo in highschool!  I’m a swimmer…

Well, it could be this…

That’s “… We will not know until race morning if this will be wetsuit mandatory”.


ITU Wetsuit Temp RulesPer the ITU Competition Rules, page 17


I don’t own a wetsuit.  I’ve never worn a wetsuit.  Sure – there will be vendors there renting wetsuits (so they tell us)… I’m not so hot about the idea of renting a wetsuit I’ve never worn before, and swimming in one for the first time on race day.  Of trying to wiggle out of a wetsuit for the first time in T1 On Race Day.

Oh well, this may be one of those punches I just have to roll with.  More encouraging though was this…

That’s good racing weather.  I’ll take it!

Right… so… about the race…

750m OW Swim

I’m hesitant to set myself a goal for this now, knowing that it might be wetsuit mandatory, and that I might get my wetsuit initiation mid-race.

But prior to today’s swim temperature news… my one and only prior attempt at a 750m OW swim took 16:53.  I can do better.  In the pool, I have reliably been swimming 1:35/100m, which is an 11:52 pace.  I think anything sub 14:00 I would be happy with.

30km Bike

I’ve never done a 30km distance in a race before.  My last 20km distance took 45:46 (26.22kph pace).  But I’ve been riding much closer to a 29kph pace so far this year.  I think 1:05:00 is my goal time

7.5km Run

Again, I’ve never done a 7.5km distance in a race.  My last 10k race I ran in 1:02:41, or a 6:16/km pace.  But that was downhill, and didn’t have a bike or swim before it.  I don’t think I can hold that pace here.  My 5km time in each of previous triathlon and duathlon were each close to 0:35:00 (7:00/km pace).  I can do better than that for sure – I’m feeling the fittest I’ve been yet since I started this adventure.  I think my goal here is going to be 50 minutes (a 6:40/km pace).

Allowing 2:30 for T1 and 2:00 for T2, that’s a total race goal of 2:13:30.  That seems like a really random goal.  But I guess it’s better than no goal.  And it’s based on math – anything based on math is good, right?  Right!

Can you say 'excited'?!?

Can you say ‘excited’?!?

I think more than anything, I’m excited to get the Tri season started!  I’ve had a number of running races over the past 21 months (and one duathlon) – they’ve been fun, and have really helped my running and overall fitness.  But I’m not a runner.  I’m a triathlete!  I feel like I’m back.  It’s time to get another season started.  It’s time to raise the curtain.  It’s time to get this party started!

I love Race Day.  Do you love Race Day (or Opening Day?  or Game Day?  or Whatever “Day” is your thing)?


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