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Friday Stray Thoughts


Image by Glenn McCoy

Happy Friday everyone!  For those of you looking for a little light lunchtime internet distraction to tide you over until quitting time, here’s a Few Stray Thoughts for your Friday Afternoon

– – – – –


I came across this one a few weeks months ago, from Triathlete Magazine, about a European company opening a new office in Boulder CO, aiming to attract talent by incorporating training facilities for endurance athletes into their building and corporate designs.

The brand-new Boulder, Colo., office will be equipped with gym equipment including a room of Computrainers and an endless pool, a full-time massage therapist and a kitchen designed for an athlete’s needs (such as a blender to prepare a smoothie). Perhaps the most important perk of this setup is the commitment to giving employees a flexible work schedule to train as they need.

… wow… just… shit… I can’t… wait?…  apparently I need to move to Colorado…

– – – – –

TouchOfModernSpeaking of items I came across weeks ago (and apparently the link no longer works, so you get a screen shot from Facebook… it’s that kind of Friday).  Don’t these look like fun?!  Their little lights that screw right onto your tire valve!

I’m thinking of all the times I’m on the road or the trails with the hardcore riders in their hardcore riding kits and multi-thousand dollar bikes looking so serious and intense as they push and ride like hell (okay, to be fair, I probably look like that too, even though my bike isn’t as nice and I’m not going quite so fast).  Biking is supposed to be fun, right?  Remember when we all got into biking as kids, with little streamers hanging off our handle bars, and baseball cards in the spokes of our wheels… or was I the only one who did that?  Anyway, I saw the above picture and thought it would be so fun to put these lights on my race bike’s tires.  Wouldn’t that turn people’s heads as I’m pushing and riding as fast as I can?!

I didn’t do it… but I thought about it…

– – – – –


Found this image from a blog I follow regularly, Race for all 50 States.  Seemed about right for a Friday (and give her blog a read or a follow – she does great work!)

Let’s finish today’s theme of things-I-came-across-a-while-ago-and-was-too-lazy-too-blog-about-at-the-time…  Here’s a link to an article on Beginner Triathlete that I really identified with, summarizing well ‘Who We Are’.  If you’re in the mood for a little motivation for the upcoming weekend (or if you need something else random on the internet to surf to now that you’re done reading this post), I recommend giving it a read.  Good warm fuzzy feelings for a Friday

– – – – –

Enjoy your long weekend everybody!  Be safe!  (for those of you not in Canada… enjoy work on Monday, I guess?  Or just take the day off work to celebrate Victoria Day May 2-4 with us.  Tell your boss I said it’s okay… go for it!)

Have a great weekend everybody!


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