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Finding Balance in Yoga

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I recently started going to yoga classes at an amazing little studio in my neighborhood, Chopra Yoga.  I’ve been really impressed so far – I’ve been to 3 classes, all different, and each one has equally kicked my ass!


I’m not sure how many triathletes do yoga.  To be honest, it wasn’t something I even thought of when I first started training.  It was always about getting out to swim, or bike, or run.  But yoga seems to make a lot of sense.  There’s lots of arguments to the benefits of yoga to triathletes

“It’s about core strength and flexibility,” Rountree said. The benefits of yoga go beyond the physical. “Yoga can be added in at any point in an athlete’s training,” she said. “It’s becoming more accepted as a training tool.”

How Yoga for Triathletes Works, by Eric Baxter

There’s other sites as well making this argument, such as Triathlete Magazine or MindBodyGreen, or even USATriathlon.

The issue, as I understand it, keeping most triathletes from adding yoga to their training routine is time.  And I certainly get that.  There’s only so many hours in a week for training – the rest has to go to other obligations like work, sleep, family, etc.  With the little time we have, we have to fit in swim training, and bike training, and run training, and hopefully strength training too.  Is there really time for something else?  Is there really time for yoga?

Sometimes it's hard to make time for everything that's important

Sometimes it’s hard to make time for everything that’s important

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For me, there’s time.  Or at least there will be.  Yoga does so many things for me, personally, that I need help with in my training.  It’s great for my core – and my core really sucks.  I could be such a stronger runner, cyclist, and swimmer if I had more strength in my core.  It’s great for flexibility, which I could also use.  Increased range of motion would certainly help with not only my speed, but also with injury prevention.  I’ve been pretty lucky avoiding injury so far [reaches out and touches wooden coffee table], but it happens to the best of us – in this sport, it’s bound to.

But it also helps with finding inner peace and calm.  And that’s a good thing too.  When every other aspect of my training is about intensity – strength, speed, and energy – I find yoga helps to bring me back to center, and remember just why the hell I’m doing all this anyway.

I’m really glad I’ve started going to yoga classes.  They kick my ass, but in a really good way.  Now the trick is to find out how best to balance them with everything else on my training plan.

Do you do yoga?  How does it help you?

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