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First Sunburn of the Year



My first sunburn of the year, and it’s a doozy.  I look like a tomato – no joke.

I’ve discovered the Martin Goodman Waterfront Trail here in Toronto, handily, because it runs right in front of my home.  The trail is going to be amazing for my training this summer.  On Thursday I took Big Red (my road bike) for her first spin of the year on the trail for a 20km ride.  She was fast – impressively fast.

Looking back at my race history, my 20km bike splits have been in the 44 – 46 minute range (or roughly a 26.5 kph speed).  Thursday’s ride started out real strong, even hitting a top speed of 46.6 kph at one point, but my return half was a lot slower.  In the end my ride took 46:58, with an average speed of 25.1 kph.  While it confirmed for me that my work over the winter has helped increase my wattage output and top end speed, I still have a lot of work to do on sustained endurance.


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The trail was great though – I didn’t have to stop for a traffic light or stop sign once the whole length of the trail.  For a downtown metropolitan trail, that’s pretty darn sweet.  I couldn’t ever open up my speed for any real length of time (which could also speak to my result… though really I think it was just my fitness level showing it’s true colors), as there were a number of other cyclists and joggers, and lots of families and kids walking the trail.  I actually didn’t mind that – I like that there were kids out playing on the trail and enjoying the waterfront.  I don’t mind having to slow down or hit the brakes a few times for kids playing – our community is better when kids are active and play outside

This morning I took to the trail again for my weekly LSD (Long Slow Distance) Run.  My goal at this point in my season is to do a 90 minute long run once per week as a counterbalance to the fartleks and tempo runs and other pieces of speed work I want to do.

This morning’s long run was lovely – the same trail that treated me well as a cyclist did just as well for me as a runner.  I went out for 40 minutes – however far that took me – and then turned around.  I assumed my pace would drop a bit and the same distance back would take longer, but it didn’t (meaning my run only lasted 80 minutes… oh well).  I only covered 11km today – I was a bit disappointed I didn’t got further, but it was after all an LSD run, not a tempo or race pace effort.  I guess I shouldn’t expect to match my personal best.

What I should have expected, though, is that 80 minutes in the sun today deserved sun screen.  Being only early May, it didn’t even occur to me to put on sun screen.  Oops.  After the run was done, a quick trip through the shower and I was off to the Blue Jays game, where the Skydome Rogers Center lid was open.  Still didn’t think to grab sun screen.  The sunburn continued.  And now I look like a tomato.

Yay for sun.  Yay for spring.  Yay for weather that makes us want to get out, and train, and have fun outside.

Apparently tomorrow I will be going to the store to invest in sun screen.  Tonight, I may be sleeping with ice packs.

– DO’G

  1. May 10, 2013 at 10:17 am

    Yawza just wait until you get your trisuit tan/burn lol good luck mate hope your training is going well

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