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Queens Park, Toronto

Queens Park, Toronto

I’ve now lived in Toronto for just over 48 hours.  The apartment is still full of boxes and we’re still learning our way around.  But so far, I am really happy here.

This morning I walked to work.  Walked.  It may have been misty outside, and may have taken me 30 minutes, but I walked.  It was so much nicer than the 75 minute drive I’ve become used to.  What a wonderful treat to not commute, but to walk.  Sometimes the little things make such a difference!

A friend of ours who lives here in town invited my wife and I to join her for the Lululemon Run Club.  That’s right folks – I stepped inside a Lululemon store.  Pigs are flying somewhere, I’m sure.


Admittedly, I was apprehensive about going at first – not because the group was based out of a store that is so far outside my normal shopping routine – but because it involved running in a group, where others’ experiences are impacted by my running speed.  I’ve always thought of myself as too slow, too much of a burden to other runners to join a group.

This was a lot of fun.

Monday evening Run Club is billed as a 5km run… what they don’t mention is that it’s not just a 5km tempo run, but a different set of drills activities.  Today we ran from the store over to Queens Park (~2.5km away).  We were told the theme of the day would be “Long and Strong”, but not told the activity until we arrived.  Fun!

Queens Park is oval shaped, with a path roughly 800m around the edge.  The drill activity was simple – pair up with another runner of roughly equal ability and take turns running the loop for 20 minutes.  Run it hard so that your partner doesn’t get too long of a rest, then rest while they run the loop hard.  It was effectively a variation on fartlek/interval training, but with a fun, social, almost competitive twist.  And there was another runner in the group close enough to my skill level for me to pair with (without worrying that I was making her wait too long while I ran my laps).

Go figure – fun, social, and training all at the same time!


My first run in Toronto was pretty great – a park I wouldn’t have gone to had I run on my own, some speed work I wasn’t expecting, and a fun group of people to chat with.  This just may become a regular part of my Monday training schedule.


  1. sweatingforit
    April 30, 2013 at 10:05 am

    Glad you are liking the new city. We’ve got a Lululemon in NOLA but I’ve never been.

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