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April Snow

The view from my office... that's snow...

The view from my office… that’s snow…

Today is Wednesday, April 24th.  Last week we warmed up to over 24°C.  Now it is 5°C… and snowing.  I didn’t even bring a coat to work today – I didn’t expect it to get so cold, and so wet, and so crappy.

*sigh*  No bike ride for me tonight.

At least the outlook for the upcoming week looks good.  A little sunshine would go a long way right about now.


I think what amazes me the most about this weather is that we’re a week away from May – only 6.5 weeks out from my first Triathlon race of the season… and it’s snowing.  I can’t imagine how cold that open water swim is going to be.  Lakes simply don’t warm up that quickly.  I wasn’t planning on investing in a wetsuit this season – I figured my skill level could justify one more season before the expense was worthwhile.  But I can’t imagine swimming out there in just over 6 weeks time!

I think I need a hot chocolate just thinking about it…

– DO’G

  1. April 25, 2013 at 10:31 am

    Crazy weather this year. We did not get a hard winter in Georgia this year and for once in a long time we did not get an ice freeze over. Good luck with the training.

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