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Finding Balance

finding balance


It’s been a week since my last post, eh?  Crap… gotta work on that…

Truth is I don’t have a lot to say these days, which really is a testament to how little training I’ve been doing.

See that blank space above 4/22... it's been a slow start to the week...

See that blank space above 4/22… it’s been a slow start to the week…

Life has been a perfect storm in the past few weeks – work has gotten uncharacteristically busy for this time of year, and the house has transformed into the organized chaos that comes in the week leading up to a move.  I’m struggling to find the balance between training and life’s other commitments.

My kitchen is quickly filling up with boxes

My kitchen is quickly filling up with boxes

The picture above is actually a few days old.  I have the best of intentions of frequent blogging – but boy am I low on energy when I do get down time.

I had a conversation with my wife the other day.  We talked about a paradigm shift in our training.  Up until now, I’ve only ever trained for races of increasing distance… A sprint Tri with a 5k run -> a sprint Tri Du with 5k & 2.5k runs -> a 10k run -> a Half Marathon (21.1k) -> and finally a 30k run.  The goal has always been to finish (and hopefully with a bit of dignity while doing it).

My next race is the Sporting Life 10k run, which is a little under 3 weeks away.  I’ve done a 10k distance before – hell, I’ve run longer than that.  It’s very tempting in my training to think that this will be easy. “I’ve done that distance before!  I can do it again”

But the goal is no longer to finish.  For the first time in my life, I’m not guaranteed a Personal Best simply for crossing the finish line.  The goal is to get better – to get faster.  And that’s a whole different way of training than when your goal is simply to finish.

I’ve started doing targeted training (well, when I do any training that is… see the graph above with NOTHING so far this week and very little the weeks before).  No longer doing only steady state runs each time I go out the door – now there’s a plan: LSD (long slow distance) runs, fartleks, tempo runs – these are all now my friends.  My time in the pool is no longer just about fitness and endurance – technique drill work, sprints, kick drills – these are my friends too.

But where I’m coming up short so far is the bike.  My poor bike – still hasn’t had it’s tires pumped up yet from the winter.  Between the weather (which really hasn’t agreed that winter is completely gone yet, though I keep hoping we’re getting close… please?…), and the busy schedule there just hasn’t been time.  I’ve gotten a few spin sessions in on a stationary bike at the gym – good for a bit of leg strength, but not nearly the same as time in the saddle.  I actually miss my bike.

from my September 2012 duathlon...  I haven't been on my bike sine...

from my September 2012 duathlon… I haven’t been on my bike since…

Last year I emphasized my run training at the expense of time on the bike.  It did wonders for my running skill, but my bike split suffered.  This year I need to give the bike a little bit of love.

Today the sun is bright and it’s going up to 15°C – a perfect afternoon to break her out for the first time this year… if only I wasn’t stuck in this cubicle.  *sigh*  Maybe with a little luck I can sneak out of work early avoid being stuck in the office late and get home with enough time for a quick 20k on the bike before packing a few more boxes.  It’s all about finding balance in life, and in training.  I’ll feel a lot better if I can finally get my bike on the road (and my wife will feel a lot better if I pack a damn box or two).

– DO’G

  1. April 23, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    I am in the same boat with a move coming up and a hectic training schedule and amazing work deadlines. Its so hard to fit it in sometimes, but I always remind myself work pays the bills everything else is training while trying to keep the wife happy. Way to keep on top of it and stay motivated. Good luck with your training.

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