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The Impact of Boston

Boston, MA

Boston, MA

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I wanted to wait 24 hours before commenting on the tragic end to the 2013 Boston Marathon.  There have been many posts, and tweets, and Facebook comments about it – I’ve seen a wide range of responses.  Here’s my perspective:

Like many people I went through a cycle of emotions yesterday afternoon: shock, grief, sadness, and fear.  I consider myself part of the running and racing community.  Today, my community is putting the pieces back together.

I for one did not personally know anyone running this year, but my thoughts and prayers go out to those who did.  What was supposed to be a day of celebration – of joy, and achievements and accomplishments – turned into chaos.

Yesterday afternoon, once I had had enough of the news, I decided to go out and run.  I didn’t know how else to make sense of this senseless chaos except to run – to go out and partake in the very activity that was attacked.  I ran 10k, not watching any pace or heart rate stats.  I put my music on and ran.  I ran down by the water front.  I ran past a local bakery (and stopped my run to text a friend about it).  I ran with a smile on my face the whole time.  And when I looked at my watch at the end of the run, I had even run a personal best time.

Chaos cannot take running away from us.  Chaos cannot take community away from us.  Chaos cannot take away that which brings us together in celebration – in joy, and achievements and accomplishments.  Chaos cannot take away spirit.

Boston will rebuild.  The running community will recover.  We will all run again. 

Maybe next year I’ll make the Boston Triathlon my destination race.  I’ve always wanted to visit Boston.  I still do.  I’d love to race there – to toe the starting line with the Boston race community.  I’m sure next year’s Boston Marathon will be a strong and proud event.  I can’t wait to watch!

– DO’G

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