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Race Day: Around the Bay


Sorry this post is a day late – I like to do my Race Day recaps right after the race, but sleep and food seemed a bigger priority yesterday.  Also, bad blogger me for not taking any photos on Race Day.  Won’t make that mistake again.  So we’ll have to make do with a few camera phone pics taken by the cheering squad.

Camera phone shot of me, pre-race, courtesy of the Cheering Squad!

Camera phone shot of me, pre-race, courtesy of the Cheering Squad!

I survived.  I think that’s about the best way to put it.  The Race Day event was a lot of fun – my wife ran with me, and a few friends came in from out of town (and even brought cheering squads with them!)  It was fun to have a crew around.

I live only 2 or 3 km from the race start line, so we decided to walk to the start (rather than try to find parking closer).  Great decision at the time – lousy decision once the race was over.

The race had a ton of runners – a much bigger even than I’d ever been part of.  I heard at one point there were 11,000 racers (individual and relay), but the number of finishers suggests maybe a few of them didn’t make it to the start line.  It was still a lot of people.

The race was a bit sluggish getting off.  There’s almost 4 minutes between my chip time and my gun time (meaning from where in the crowd I was standing – and I certainly wasn’t at the back – it took almost 4 minutes from when the start gun went off for the crowd to shuffle and surge forward through the starting line).

My goal time was 4:00:00, which I thought might be a bit aggressive, but might as well try to push myself.  Most of my running team was shooing for times closer to 3:15:00 or 3:30:00.  Yet, for some reason when the race started I ran with them and stayed right on their heels for the first 2km.

My 10km checkpoint time wasn’t too bad – 1:11:29.8 – about 90 seconds off my Personal Best 10k time.  Which would be great if this was a 10k race, but I still had another 20 to go.

My 15km split was 1:49:03.7 (by the way, the race winner ran in 1:35:44.1 – the race was won 10 full minutes before I was half done).  I did the math and knew I was in great shape to meet my goal.  My 20k split was 2:30:06.6 – almost exactly on the same pace as my Half Marathon time from last month.  Again, a little quick math told me I had 90 minutes to run the last 10k.  I was going to kill my goal…

… and then the wheels fell off

The race is notorious for the hills in the final 1/3.  I had trained for them (sort of).  I knew that part of the route well.  I was ready for them.  But I wasn’t ready for them after a full half marathon distance, at race pace.  I crashed!  I think I walked pretty much the last 9km (with the occasional shuffle for 100m or so to remind myself I was still in a race).  Kinda disappointing, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

I was able to shuffle across the finish line in a time of 4:02:48.1.  373/377 in my age group – 3352/3426 Male overall.  Only 2.5 minutes slower than my goal (which, to be fair, I thought might have been aggressive at the outset).  I kinda have to be happy with that – although it would have been really nice to have been 3 minutes faster.

2 more finisher's medals for our wall... and some pretty sweet race shirts!  'Cause that's why we really do this...

2 more finisher’s medals for our wall… and some pretty sweet race shirts! ‘Cause that’s why we really do this…

I felt a little guilty last night that I didn’t have any real photos of my own for this post (Bad Blogger, Dave!), so I took a quick shot of the finisher’s medals and race shirts my wife and I got from the run.  The race did well by us that way!

After the run my fellow runners, Cheering Squad, and I went out to a freaking far away local Southern BBQ restaurant.  It was pretty good – I’m sure not as good as real Southern BBQ (Note: some day I need to get down to the southern US to try “real” southern BBQ), but it’ll have to do for Ontario.  It’s fun to celebrate with the crew, although that probably was more calories than I needed, even after a run like that.

So there we go – another race in the books.  I’ve run a 30k race.  I’ve run the 119th Around The Bay – the race that market’s itself as “Older than Boston”.  Next up for me is the Sporting Life 10k on Sunday May 12th.  I’m looking forward to turning my training from Running Far to Running Fast… though I may wait a few days to let my legs recover before that training begins…

– DO’G


  1. sweatingforit
    March 26, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    Congrats on the 30k! I’ve never run that far before ever. When you get ready for some southern food, come check out New Orleans!

    • March 26, 2013 at 8:09 pm

      I’m always ready for some southern food! New Orleans is very high on the list of cities I’d like to visit

  1. April 8, 2013 at 12:19 pm

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