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Friday Stray Thoughts

FridayImage by Glenn McCoy

Happy Friday everyone!  For those of you looking for a little light internet distraction to tide you over until quitting time, here’s a Few Stray Thoughts for your Friday Afternoon

– – – – –


I’ve started following TriSwimCoach on Facebook (and you should too).  I really like getting daily swim training tips sent to me, with a triathlon bent to them.  Because let’s face it – most of the self-serve swim training out there is aimed at pool swimmers looking to compete in Masters competitions.  Triathlon swimming is different – it’s open water swimming, exposed to the elements, and without lane markers to help you go straight (and to keep other swimmers from clubbing you).

It’s also really awesome at this time of year, when most of my training is so focused on LSD (long slow distance) runs, to get a splash of swim news in my daily feed.  Spring is right around the corner, and so is triathlon season…

– – – – –


The Toronto Spring Bicycle Show runs this weekend, starting (right about now, actually), until Sunday.  I’m debating going.

Reason to go: I’ve been to this show once before and I really enjoyed it.  I bought my road bike there.  It was fun being surrounded by bikes, and gear, and demos, and clubs, and all the other booths that made it feel like biking season (and by extension triathlon season) is just around the corner.

Reason not to go: I’m going to spend money.  I just know I am.  It could be a really expensive trip (okay, not as expensive as last time – I’m not going to buy a new bike – but could still put a hit on the budget).

– – – – –

running legs

Tomorrow’s run training plan calls for a 25k run.  I think I’m getting tired just typing that out.  I’m really happy that I’ve focused on run base training this winter and stretching out my long run distance.  It’s done amazing things for my confidence in running, if not also my endurance.  It’s also done great things for my fitness – compared to last year where I pretty much sat on my ass all winter and started my triathlon training in the spring with no fitness base at all.

That being said – and saying nothing about how happy I am to have run a half marathon – I’m getting a bit tired of these LONG training runs.  They take up half a day to do, and half a week to recover from.  I find my mid-week training is getting thinner and thinner as I’m hampered more by the previous weekend’s long run, and resting up for the next weekend’s long run.  I’m hardly doing any speed work or strength training at this point – just trying to survive my long runs.

I read a training article a while ago (which I could find the link now to give credit here – bad blogger, Dave!) that talked about long run training for triathletes (and long bike training too), suggesting the weekly long run should be centered around an amount of time, not a distance.  For example, you might set a Long Run goal of running for 90 minutes, and hopefully over time the distance you can cover in 90 minutes might increase, or the fatigue you feel at the end of 90 minutes might decrease, but don’t train any more than that.  Put more intensity into those 90 minutes.  Work harder, not longer.  No more 2 hour + training runs.  Not only for your legs, but for your family life as well.  I think once I get through The Bay next month, I think I may try to adopt this strategy (when I no longer have a 30k running race looming ahead of me).

Have a great weekend!

– DO’G

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