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Schedule Jenga

January 31, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments
Great game, with a strange name!

Great game, with a strange name!

I’m tired.

The past week has conspired against me, or more specifically, against my training plan.

Triathlon training schedules are kinda crazy – you have 3 different sports you’re trying to train in at the same time, plus getting in time for strength training… and of course always leave time to stretch at each session.  My gym sessions are averaging about 90-120 minutes at this point (let alone my long runs which, obviously, take longer).  Try to fit this in around work, and family, and socializing, and house chores… and… and… and…

…all it takes is one piece slightly out of place, and the whole tower starts to topple.

I missed my long run this past weekend due to a bad case of the hangovers (terrible ailment – I don’t wish it upon anybody).  Seriously, who was I kidding planning to do a 20k run the day after a night of Southern BBQ and plentiful tasty beers?!  Some how that didn’t seem like a problem I had to worry about at the time – that was a problem for Future Me…

Well Future Me is a bit grumpy at Past Me right now.  I managed to get medium length runs of 10k and 6.5k in on Monday and Tuesday after work, which meant I got no chores done around the house.  Wednesday turned into a 17 hour day (had an A M A Z I N G dinner out with my cousin – more great food, more great beer, more great company… more not keeping on top of my house chores.  There’s always a trade off).  This morning’s workout had to be scrapped in favour of week’s worth of dishes that needed washing.

I had a solid training plan, but I keep taking pieces out of their spot and trying to add them on top.  My schedule Jenga… it’s all about to crash down.

So here I am, Thursday evening, still not having done last weekend’s long run yet.  Normally I wouldn’t stress about that, except Saturday morning I get to jump on a plane and jet off to Florida for a week cruising around the Caribbean Sea.  Not like I’m going to get a lot of long runs in next week.  I can’t go two weeks in a row without a long run.

2 more sleeps...

Only 2 more sleeps…

So when do I get my long run in?  I owe myself a 20k run (side note: holy shit that’s long!).  I promised my wife I’d spend tonight with her, so that’s out.  We have dinner plans for tomorrow after work, so that’s out.  That leaves tomorrow morning.  I’d have to start my run by 6:00am at the latest to be done in time to start work by 9:00.  Current forecast for tomorrow morning: -8°C, feels like -16°C with the windchill, and a snow squall warning in effect overnight tonight.

Fuck.  This is really gonna suck.

I really have to stop skipping training sessions to go out for beers with friends and family… (as if that’s ever going to happen… guess I’d better get used to crappy cold morning runs instead).

What do you do when you miss a training session?  Do you make it up, or do you skip it and move on?  Do you rearrange your work out schedule when social events pop up?

  1. alicehanov
    January 31, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    I’ve missed runs and my coach always said, a lost run is in the past and you should forget it. I know that’s hard to accept but it’s part of training. Forgot the missed run and move on to your next training week, and do the best you can.

    • January 31, 2013 at 7:40 pm

      I generally agree… problem is, I keep missing my long run (where I’m trying to stretch my long run out to race distance). Eventually I need to start getting these in, or I won’t be stretched out enough… kinda worried about that

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