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Triin’ Ain’t Easy

January 19, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments
Think I'm gonna need a bit more...

Think I’m gonna need a bit more…

Today I ran my first 18k long run.  I was happy with it, though I feel like I’ve had the shit kicked out of me physically now.  I seemed to have a headwind against me the whole return leg of my run (which is odd, because my route was sort of crescent shaped).  I addressed the low energy problem a bit by bringing a packet of Gu along with me, though my 24oz water bottle ran dry far earlier than I wanted it to.  I guess that’s the new logistical issue to work out.  Water is good.

Anyway, while I’m sitting here on my couch doing nothing with my legs, I’m reminded last night of a review I was doing of my training schedule and race calendar.

Now that I’ve added the Grimsby Half Marathon to the slate, I’m looking at an 8 race season.  While that’s really exciting and motivating, it’s also kind of expensive.

I’ve signed up and paid up for 3 races so far – the last of which this week, my wife and I paid $73 each for the Half Marathon.  At $75/race, it’s going to be a $600 season.  Yikes.

My big 4 races of the summer have all opened registration at the same time – a June Triathlon in Binbrook, a June Bike Race in Waterloo, a July Triathlon in Cincinnati, and a September Triathlon in Wasaga.  The Binbrook race is going to cost $70, the Waterloo race $70, the Cincinnati race $95, and the Wasaga race $83.  My budget can’t afford to pony up for all of that at once…

… anyone have any suggestions on getting a sponsor?  anyone? Bueller?

My question to anyone with experience signing up for races or events – have you ever missed out on a race you wanted to sign up for because it sold out?  Do you usually sign up early, or wait until the last minute?

Have you ever missed out on an event you wanted because it sold out faster than you expected?

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