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C is for 2013


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Happy New Year everyone!

I’ve been of mixed opinions lately on the topic of New Year’s Resolutions.  I’ve heard a lot of arguments that people can make positive change in their lives at any time – why should we do so only at a prescribed date and time, such as New Year’s Eve?  However, I’m also of the theory that if a person has positive change they want to make, and haven’t made yet, sometimes all they need is an arbitrary deadline to start.  And there’s no better time than the New Year.

I like the picture above – apart from the “quite smoking” item, it’s pretty much my exact list of resolutions this year.  Usually when asked about my New Year’s Resolutions, I try to avoid the cliché responses – “Lose Weight”, “Exercise”, “Eat Healthier” etc.  This year, that’s exactly I want to focus on.

But I still want to make my goals mine.  I want to own them.

I was inspired by an idea my Mother-in-law has, which she writes about in her own blog Faith from the Edges.  Every year she comes up with 3 words to give her direction for the year.  I like this idea.  So, with props to her, I give you my 3 words for 2013 – brought to you by the letter “C”.

Control – 2013 is going to be focused on controlling the things in my power.  I am in control of my life – I am the captain that steers this ship.  In relation to Losing Weight: I control what and how much I eat.  In relation to Training: I control how many times I hit or miss a planned training session.  Nobody is responsible for these but me.  I am the owner of decisions that I make, and I can make any decisions I choose.  In 2013 I want results, and I will take control of this ship to steer towards the results that I want.

Courage – 2013 is going to be about pushing my limits.  This is the Yin to the Yang that is Control.  Courage to push myself beyond boundaries I didn’t think I could break through.  Courage to try what I don’t think I can do.  Courage to take calculated risks to see how far I can grow.  In 2013 I want results, and I will have courage to push myself to results I previously didn’t think possible.

Calm – 2013 is going to be about maintaining an inner calm – an even keel to the things that I can’t control.  It is about relaxing and letting go – not taking myself so seriously, and rolling with the punches that come my way (shit, we all gotta laugh, right?).  Calm to be flexible with the unexpected and enjoy the simple side of life.  I want to stop taking life – and myself – so seriously and learn to relax and enjoy everything that comes my way.  In 2013 I will have the inner Calm to enjoy life and it’s results, whatever they may be.

These are my goals – my words – for 2013.  I feel like I’m ready to get this year started!

What are your words for 2013?

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