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Destination: Wetaskiwin, AB

December 18, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments
It's officially winter up here!

It’s officially winter up here!

Welcome to Wetaskiwin, Alberta.  About a 45 minute drive south of Edmonton.  It’s crazy-cold up here!

Did you know:

  • Wetaskiwin has a population of about 12,500.
  • There are 7 different private liquor stores in Wetaskiwin (or about 1 per 1,800 people).
  • Wetaskiwin has the distinction of having the highest level of car sales per capita in Canada.

It’s crazy – every time I told someone (from Alberta) that I was going to Wetaskiwin, they all, without fail, began singing the jingle “Cars Cost Less in Wetaskiwin” from some TV commercial they all seem to know (which, I can’t find on YouTube, otherwise I would have linked it here – so maybe they’re all making it up).  Welcome to Wetaskiwin Alberta folks!

It’s actually a lovely small town, and currently a winter wonderland (by my Southern Ontario standards).  I’ve been taking every opportunity I can thus far to get outside and go for a walk or a car ride, just to get used to the temperature difference.

This afternoon I went for my first run in Wetaskiwin.  6.5kms – not a long dash, but it was hard.  My lungs felt like I was breathing an ice cube, my legs felt like they were running on sand wherever the sidewalk wasn’t shoveled, and I probably had an extra 5lbs of sweaters and long johns on to keep warm.  Seriously.  The things we do to get out for a run.

Tomorrow we’re taking our first road trip into Edmonton proper.  I’m actually kind of excited (read: really excited).  I love cities.  I’m looking forward to seeing this one.

In the meantime it’s full on Christmas here in Wetaskiwin.  The tree is lit and the carols are playing.  We had our first turkey dinner last night, and today’s treat is Eggnog Fudge.  Hells, yeah!

So festive!

So festive!

What treat do you most associate with the holidays?

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