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Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing

December 6, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments
More comfort food than training fuel... so good...

More comfort food than training fuel… so good…

Tuesday was my sorta Off Day (I say sorta because I still did a 1.5km swim in the morning… it’s funny how I think of days with only a swim as being an “off day”… really, if I don’t have to run, it’s an off day).  I met up with a buddy of mine I don’t see nearly often enough for wings after work.  We stayed and chatted for almost 3 hours.

He put an interesting thought in my head: if I hadn’t moved to Hamilton 18 months ago, would I be the budding triathlete I am today?

There are times in our lives when we make decisions that seem small, but end up having huge impacts in our lives downstream.  I believe we all have a few of them.  For me, I can look back to the summer of 2005, when I had an offer to go back to college for my second degree.  Tuition was paid and bags were packed, but I changed my mind and decided not to move at the last minute.  If I had moved, I wouldn’t have met my wife.

I wonder if moving to Hamilton will prove to be another one of those moments that I’ll look back on some day.  My friend and I talked about who we were in our community, and how sometimes you can develop a perception of yourself that can be difficult to change.  When I lived in KW, I was a lot of things.  I was a drummer.  I was a thespian.  I was a gamer.  I was a lot of things I enjoyed being at that point in my life, but none of them similar to being an athlete, or a triathlete.

Since moving to Hamilton I haven’t touched my drum kit – it sits in boxes in a closet.  I haven’t stepped foot into a community theater.  And I almost never play video games any more.  But I love to swim and bike.  I love to run.  I’ve discovered a new me.

And it’s not to say that I didn’t don’t love my friends and family still in KW, or that I don’t hope to some day live in KW again.  I love getting back to KW to visit, catch up, and share a beer.  Frankly, I wish I had more time for it.  I miss everyone there.  But I don’t know if I discover this new me with the same conviction if I stayed there.  I don’t know if I invest the time, emotion, or energy in finding my new me.  And I like this new me.

Seemed like an appropriate time to throw this pic back in

Seemed like an appropriate time to throw this pic back in… it’s like my Rookie Card

Tomorrow’s my real Day Off in the week (no running, not even swimming – just a 1 minute plank in the morning and that’s it).  Ironically, my wife and I have wings in the fridge waiting to be cooked, and beer in the fridge waiting to be drank.  Days off prove to be great for the soul as well as the body.  And they go great with chicken wings! (see how I tied it all back together there?  Writing magic… or something like that…)

Do you remember a decision you made that seemed small at the time, but ended up having a big impact on your life?

  1. December 6, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    This is my favourite post of yours yet!

  2. December 7, 2012 at 7:10 am

    It’s crazy to think how little decisions have affected our actions so much. There are so many factors that contributed to my decision to “tri” triathloning–the fact that I’ve always been active, I “retired” from collegiate basketball, I went through an indoor spinning phase, I interviewed my cousin for my Honors project (and she planted the seed), the list goes on.

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