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Why are mornings so crappy?

November 24, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

The view that greeted me this morning. Yep, that’s snow on the ground.

Sometimes I’m a slow learner.  I keep thinking that setting my alarm early to get up and do something is a good idea.  Why do I do this to myself?  You’d think I’d learn…

Today looked to be a really full day, but my running plan called for an 8k run.  It seemed to me getting up to run first thing in the morning was the best idea to fit everything in.  The alarm went off at 7:00 (yes, to me, that’s early).  I think it took me 20 minutes just to convince myself to get out of bed.  I checked the weather… -2°C.  I looked out the window… snow, for the first time this year.  What the hell was I doing out of bed?!?

The run ended up not being too bad: 8.34km in 1:01:25.  Kinda slow – I blame the morning for that – but it’s good to get the kilometers into the legs, even if they didn’t want them.  Seriously though, it led me to wonder how people enjoy running in the mornings.  I’m an evening runner.  I much prefer running after work.  I’m awake then.  My legs are awake then.  I think life in general is more civilized when alarm clocks are not involved.

Speaking of alarm clocks, on Thursday I had the great fortune of driving down to Detroit with some old school buddies to go to the Thanksgiving Lion’s NFL game.  That was a blast.  It did call for an early morning alarm clock (again, 7:00 – what is it with this ungodly hour?) but we made the drive down, crossed the border, and were set up in the tailgating lot just after 9:30.

A couple of my tailgating buddies.  I swear beer and BBQ isn’t our normal 9:30am routine… but every now and then we make exceptions

The morning was great – it was surprisingly warm for late November (14°C and sunny – perfect).  The sun was out, the BBQ was fired up and the drinks were cold.  And I had a great chance to catch up with some long time friends I don’t see nearly often enough – cheers boys!  One of my buddy’s friend’s son (everyone followed that?) met up with us for tailgating – he’s on the cross country team at The University of Windsor.  So not only did we have BBQ and brews, but a few conversations about Fartleks too!  Bonus!

The game itself was pretty good too, although the Lion’s couldn’t pull out a win, they did take the Texans to overtime and had a chance to win if not for a missed field goal.

Hey look – I’m actually in one of my pics. Though you can’t really see it, I wore my Blue Jays cap to the game. Playing with fire a bit, doing that in Detroit…

It was awesome!  It had excitement!  It had offense!  It had over priced beers and hot dogs!  It had… Kid Rock in a shiny silver space suit?!?

The half time show folks! Seriously – why are Kid Rock and his whole band wearing reflective silver space suits??? Who said ‘yes’ to that?!?

Yep – those are my early morning stories from the past few days friends.  Tomorrow’s first “long run” of my 30k training program calls for a 10k run right on the heels of today’s 8k.  But I won’t be getting up early for that, that’s for sure!

Do you prefer to exercise in the morning?  Or in the evening?


  1. November 25, 2012 at 7:07 am

    I’m definitely a morning person, which makes me a morning exerciser. I know myself too well: if I don’t workout right after I wake up, chances are it won’t happen. It’s all about finding a time that works for you, your schedule, and your body.

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