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Back on the horse

October 14, 2012 1 comment


This past weekend was a bit of whirlwind weekend up to Montreal for the last of our many weddings this summer (congratulations Devin & Sarah – lovely service, great party).  I’m not making much of a post of the trip to Montreal – we got in at 2:30am Saturday morning, went to a wedding, and left again at 7:30am Sunday morning.  I didn’t take a single picture, nor did I go for a run.  And the beers, while good, weren’t post worthy (although I do love being able to buy from a selection of Unibroue at the local corner store… ahh Quebec).  We saw enough of the city that my wife and I have decided we need to go back and visit again sometime, but not enough to have any stories.

The funny thing about driving so much in a weekend (8hr trip each way) is that it leaves you really tired.  My couch has never looked better than it did this afternoon when I got home.  So while sitting on said couch, partially paying attention to the football on TV, I contemplated how much I’ve fallen off my training plan these past two weeks.  That’s not to say that I haven’t trained these past two weeks, but it’s been sparse, and unplanned.  One quote I once heard (and I apologize – I don’t remember where I heard it, so I’m not trying to take credit for this, but I don’t remember who to give credit to):

If it’s not planned, or measured, it’s just exercise – not training

Yep, that’s my problem.  I’ve fallen back into the old habit of deciding each day, on a day-by-day basis, if I feel like training… and how much I feel like training.  And as a recovering Couch Potato, it’s always really easy to justify not training.  There’s always an excuse (and rarely a good one, even on the spectrum of excuses, which by definition aren’t good to begin with).

So I need to get back to the plan.  This feels like a bit of a tired refrain – Dave makes plan, Dave does well.  Dave gets lazy and falls off his plan, Dave stops doing well.  It’s almost like a relapse (which seems wrong to say, as most times when we talk about relapsing it’s falling back into something much more significant than being sedentary, but it’s the best analogy I’ve got tonight).  It’s time to get back to the plan.

Here’s what I’m thinking for this fall.  I may drop the Thursday run after work in November once my 10k race is behind me.  References below to “Iron Workout” are resistance training sessions that I take from The Athlete’s Book of Home Remedies – seriously awesome book to have on hand!

I guess the new plan starts tomorrow morning with a Yoga session before work.  I’ve done this a few times lately (one of the few things I have been doing during my 2 week relapse) – YouTube is a great source of yoga classes on demand without having to leave the house.  I’m all about convenient and cost effective solutions to keep me going forward – anything that remove excuses is a good thing!  What I like about doing yoga is the focus on stretching, flexibility, and core strength – possibly the 3 things I need to work on more than anything else.  I’m hoping it will help make my run stronger.



Destination: Buffalo

October 6, 2012 1 comment

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend everyone!  Hope your weekend is full of fun, family, friends, and lots of turkey!

It’s been about a week since my last post – all kinds of excuses, most of them not terribly exciting (although I have spent over 10 hours this week on the phone with our internet provider Bell Canada – seriously hope I can ditch them and switch to a competitor soon).

But I digress.  This post is a (late) focus on last weekend’s trip to Buffalo NY.  Great trip!  I had no idea Buffalo did beer so well!  We started with a trip to Premier Gourmet for some take home bottles.  I should never have been introduced to this place – so many amazing breweries (and wines, and coffees, and cheeses, and kitchen kitsch-y things).  You can even get growler service here.  And while it’s technically in a whole other country, it’s only an hour’s drive from home.  Seriously.  Dangerous.  We did good – we kept our spending to under $50.  But I foresee return trips, possibly soon, and possibly more expensive…

My wife and I carting our haul away from Premier Gourmet

After checking into our… affordable… hotel room at a Super 8, we cabbed it down to our first destination: The Blue Monk.

We grabbed a table on the patio, right in front of the sign for their Beer Garden… yep… Beer Garden…

Holy Crap this place is good.  Seriously-OMG-how-soon-can-I-go-back good!  I started off with a pint of Pumking by Southern Tier Brewing Company that they had on tap.  Heaven.  Pure heaven.  It was even the right color for pumpkin.

Me and my pumking. My wife and our friend Anabel with other equally amazing beers too

Not only was the beer great – and we tried many – but the food was outstanding.  My buddy Rob and I each had the “Monk’s Mac ‘n Cheese”.  Mac ‘n Cheese – good.  Bacon – great.  Beer sauteed onions – fantastic!

So good, we gave it the Thumbs Up

We stayed, and drank, and ate for a couple hours before walking the half mile down the street to our next destination: Cole’s

Good times at Cole’s

Cole’s was just as good – so many incredible brews to try.  Of course by this time in the night the camera didn’t come out quite so often.  I didn’t try any of their food – lunch kept me full for the rest of the day – so I guess I’ll have to go back sometime soon… to try the food, that is… that’s it.

Amazing trip – great friends, good times, wonderful beers.  Unfortunately, didn’t get a chance to go for a run while in Buffalo.  Maybe next time I’m there.  For sure I’ll be back!


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