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Destination: Mont Tremblant, QC

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Running with my wife (in red) and my cousin (in black) in beautiful Mont Tremblant

What a whirlwind weekend in Mont Tremblant!  Congratulations to Pat & Ashley – beautiful wedding; kick-ass party.  Great day.  So happy for you both!

Mont Tremblant is an 8.5hr drive from Hamilton – 9.5 hours (at least) if you try to carpool it with my family.  I think I’ve decided that 3 adults are not intended to fit in the back of car – no matter what the car manufacturer tells you – for anything longer than a cab ride to the pub, let alone for several hundred kilometers.  Fortunately there were wedding-eve celebration after parties (yes, plural) to welcome us upon arrival.  The tone was set for the weekend very early – several hours and several liters of beer and wine later.  I love O’Grady Family gatherings (and my apologies to whomever’s hotel room that was we were still drinking in at 2:00am – thanks for being great sports).

The training plan called for a 10km run on Saturday.  It took a bit of will power to make this one happen, after the previous evenings shenanigans, and the cold, rainy fall morning.  But my wife decided to join me, and even my cousin came out for the run too!  If you gotta run in the rain, training buddies make it so much better!

Mont Tremblant is beautiful – I’ve only ever known it as a winter village at the base of a ski mountain – turns out they cater well to tourists in the other 3 seasons too.  After about 4kms of running randomly through condo mansion lined streets, and one ill advised turn up a road that veered straight up the mountain, we eventually found an amazing paved run/bike/roller blade path into the woods that wound around the contours of the foothills and down to a fast flowing river.  There was hardly another person in the forest – the river water was rushing, the leaves were starting to change color.  It was breathtaking… or maybe that was the run itself making me short of breath, ’cause it was hard as hell!

Elevation from our 10km Tremblant run, courtesy of MapMyRun.com – oddly enough, for running around the foothills at the base of a ski mountain, it wasn’t exactly flat

There it is folks – my first ever 10km run.  It sucked!  It was a lot more hills than I’m used to running (and it’s not like I was well hydrated or well rested after the previous evening).  Nothing went right!  Except that I finished.  I was actually a bit down on myself at the end of the run – my time was so slow, and I had walked a ton!  But I got a great pep-talk from my wife.  She reminded me of the hills (and wisely, not of the drinks), and the challenge of the run.  She reminded me of the positives to take out of stretching my personal longest distance this far, and to not fixate on the speed or amount of walking.  She tells me these will get better as my body gets used to longer distances.  My wife is my rock, and amazing at encouraging me.  I really am a lucky guy.

The rest of the weekend was a blast.  The wedding was in a little old white church at the base of the ski hill – seriously, Hollywood couldn’t create something more archetypal.  The we all climbed into the ski gondola in our wedding best and rode up to the peak of the hill for the reception.

Riding up in the Gondola…

… I’ve never sat in one of these things before without the clunky ski suit and ski boots

A view from out the Gondola window, on the way up

The party at the top was worth the trip!  Great food, great beers, great speeches (seriously, I just said that), great tunes, great dancing, great people.  Great night.  Great beers.  Another late night, just like a wedding should be.  My wife and I tapped out a few minutes before the hall shut down, but I heard there were some stories involving a 2:00am poutine run that I missed.  I love O’Grady Family gatherings!

Today was the long drive home, after a pair of late and rowdy nights.  It was a quiet drive, but a good one.  A great weekend, and I’m glad I got my run in.  I really like running in other cities, especially as part of a great trip!  Next weekend’s Destination is going to be tricky to schedule a run – I can’t tell you where it’ll be yet (it’s my wife’s birthday weekend – don’t want to let the cat out of the bag) – but the weekend’s activities may not be conducive to a long run.  Going to have to give some thought as to how I’m going to fit that puzzle together, but for now, I’m happy with how this past weekend went!

Do you like to exercise when you travel?  What’s your favorite destination?

  1. September 24, 2012 at 7:16 am

    Glad to hear you had a fun weekend! I’ve heard Mont Tremblant is pretty hilly; in fact, the city hosts a full- and half-Ironman every year. I try to workout when I travel, but it isn’t my number one priority. Plus, it’s difficult if the people you’re vacationing with aren’t into sweating on a regular basis. 😉

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