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I dream of nachos!

… anyone else hungry?

Last night I had the weirdest dream – Nachos.  I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed of food before (not that I remember at least), but I had vivid dreams of nachos – eating wonderful nachos, how great they tasted, how good a pitcher of beer would be with them!  Needless to say, I woke up HUNGRY this morning!

I think I need to reward myself with a night out once this race is done.  Sure I’m trying to eat healthier, for the most part – I honestly am.  But this took craving to the next level.  But nacho night will have to wait until after the race.  I’m really starting to do well lately.  Gotta keep this ball rolling!

Last night’s training session was really good.  5.6km along the Hamilton Rail trail.  I’ve really started to enjoy running this trail – it’s almost 100% shade, which is really nice when I have to get my run in before the heat breaks for the day.  And it’s through a wooded area.  Much nicer than running along the road.  It also runs along the side (and working it’s way up) the Niagara Escarpment.  So the outbound run is a solid uphill grade, which is a great push.  And the downhill run is a solid downhill great, which helps for a strong finish.  I worry a little bit that I’m short changing myself, getting too used to ending my run on a downhill (which the race will not be).  But on the flip side I’m running longer, with less walk breaks, which is getting my legs and lungs used to longer periods of intense work.  I think that helps… at least a bit?

The Hamilton Rail Trail

After the run I made a simple, but yummy taco dinner (just thinking now: wonder if that inspired my dreamed nacho craving?) and then headed off for my swim.  I really should learn: Tacos pre-swim are almost always a bad idea.  Nothing like Tex Mex acid reflux while you’re trying to side breathe to throw off your swim!

It was a pretty good swim.  I did my goal 1000m swim, stopping only once to check on the older fellow I was sharing a lane with who veered from his side and collided with me around the 650m mark.  It didn’t bother me – 4 years of water polo and you won’t ever be phased again when getting bumped in the water – and thankfully the other swimmer was okay too.  You don’t often think about swimming being a Contact Sport – never a dull moment I guess!

My biggest beef (mmm… tacos… dammit!) with the pool I swim in is that there isn’t a good usable training clock.  And unlike Bike or Run training, I can’t exactly bring my phone along with me.  Most pools have big clocks up on the wall with multicolored hands to help you track your pace.  This one does not.  Totally ghetto!  Fortunately we’re back to a Fall swim schedule starting next week, and my regular pool will be open once again.  Would be nice to have a better measure of my swim progress than “roughly 19-20 minutes, give or take, to swim 1000m”.

Tonight’s a scheduled night off.  Meeting some good friends for sushi after work.  I love sushi – really looking forward to it, but I can’t shake this craving of nachos!

Do you dream of food?  What do you crave when you sleep?  And is the craving still there when you wake up?

  1. August 28, 2012 at 11:02 am

    Nachos sound like a great post-race treat! Chocolate cake seems to work its way into my dreams a lot, and come to think of it, PB has made a lot of recent appearances, too. When I dream of PB, I always incorporate it into my breakfast. Chocolate cake wouldn’t make for a very nutritious morning meal, though. 😉

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