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Quiet day

I’ve hit a new low – not only back to using Google Images, but repeating a pic I’ve used before… it’s one of those days…

Today is going to be a quiet day.

My body is reminding me today of the importance of rest days (ya know, the one I was supposed to take yesterday…).  Nothing hurts – everything aches.  So with today being a day off, I figure I’ll spend some time doing some chores and such that I never get to.  That bathroom could use a good cleaning!  And probably spend a bit of time on the couch doing a whole lot of nothing – yep, a quiet day is for sure in order!

Race day is now 14 days away.  It seems prudent to me to map out my training plan for the next two weeks.  Somehow I have a lot of training to get in.  And, in the interest of accountability, perhaps if I post it here in a public place I’ll actually stick (mostly) to it.

Push Week – This next week is all about pushing hard.  One last week to push for some serious results!

Monday – Evening fun run with my wife.  Not messing with that.  And the pool is open, so I’d better get in there.  Given that it’s a commuting work day and garbage night, that’s probably all I’m reasonably going to get in

Tuesday – Plans in the calendar = rest day.

Wednesday – Solo run after work.  Gotta push the tempo here and go for my best run yet!  Quick break for dinner then back in the pool again.

Thursday – Helping my sister move apartments.  Carrying furniture counts as training, right?  Probably try to sneak a brick session in the morning, and if I’m not dead after the move see if I can get back in the pool in the evening.

Friday – Plans in the calendar = another rest day.  Really going to have to make these sessions count if I’m taking 2 rest days this week, although after a day of moving, this comes at a good time.

Saturday/Sunday – Going up to the cottage (also, conveniently where the race is the following weekend).  Gotta put the work in, can’t let this turn into a beach and beer weekend.  Shooting for a 30k hard ride one day and a full brick the other.  Also shooting for an open water swim both days, with sprints in and out of the water up the beach.  Running in knee high water sucks!  Gonna. Hurt.

Monday – Rest day.  Happy Labour Day everybody!  Cheers to not having to go to work!  Driving home from the cottage a few hours early to get back for my Fantasy Football draft.  NFL season is just around the corner!  Go Saints!!!

There it is! The Short Bus All Start League Fantasy Football trophy! I have to give it back next week, but it’ll be coming home again after this year, I can feel it!
(I’m such a geek sometimes)

Taper Week – This week is all about dialing it back a bit – getting some light work in to keep the body lose, but saving energy for the race.

Tuesday – Plans in the calendar = rest day.  Although I really don’t want 2 rest days in a row… hmmm… maybe I’ll try to sneak in a short easy run or a brisk walk between work and plans, just to get the legs moving again

Wednesday – Brick followed by a pool swim.  One last kick at the can.

Thursday/Friday – Back to back rest days.  Let the legs get antsy

Saturday – RACE DAY (followed by a great nap!)

Sunday – Recovery day, and cheering my wife on as she runs her first 1/2 Marathon!

I always wonder how much to taper – mostly because by the time I get to Taper Week I haven’t done as much training as I had planned to do.  Am I better to taper anyways, or try to make up missed training?

Do you taper your training the week before a race/event?

  1. August 27, 2012 at 10:54 am

    Technically, tapering the week before a (sprint) triathlon is ideal, but I get too anxious dialing back for one week. Completing two, maybe three “normal” workouts and then tapering gives me peace of mind. I did a swim-bike brick today, and I’ll complete a bike-run brick tomorrow, and after that, I’ll be easing up until Saturday’s race. Your plan of “push week” and “taper week” sounds like it will work well.

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