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Should I run today?

They’re calling to me…

Ha!  Look at that – I used a pic of my own today instead of stealing one from Google Images!

Anyway… So the dilemma today is to run, or not to run.  It’s actually a tough call…

Reasons to run:

  • Because I really feel like running.  I have the itch to go for a run.  And really what better reason is there than that!
  • Because there’s 14 days until Race Day.  Getting a few more miles into my legs is hardly a bad thing

Reasons not to run:

  • Today was a planned day off – I wasn’t actually expecting to run today.  After my brick + swim on Thursday, and my 30km bike ride yesterday, I’m due for a rest day
  • Because as much as I feel like running, when I stand up, my body reminds me of those same sessions the past two days.  I hurt.  Walking around the house today is quickly regressing to a waddle
  • We have evening plans tonight, taking away my evening run.  So if I want to run, I have to go out in the afternoon heat.  Currently 28°C and beaming sun (82°F for those of you who prefer it that way) – not oppressively hot, but hot enough to make me want to stay indoors
  • Those same evening plans mean I would need to be home, cleaned up, and done my To-Do list for the day within about 3 hours
  • Anticipating today as a rest day, the day started off with egg-free waffles (Not deliberately egg-free, but I was so excited to make waffles this morning I started whipping them up in a bowl before checking if we had all the ingredients.  Seriously, how important could the eggs really be?…)

Apparently without eggs, waffles turn into a sticky, gooey texture. But they still taste good!

In short, a whole lot of semi reasonable excuses I could use to keep me from running today.  But I have the itch to run.  The shoes are calling to me.  So I’ll throw it out to you, readers:

Should I go for a run today?

Edit: I decided to go – 4.2km.  Not my best pace, but it felt really good to get out there

  1. August 25, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    Go for a nice long walk. It won’t tax your nervous system (so won’t mess with training), but it will help your muscles get rid of waste buildup.

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