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Great training day

Credit to racefor50states.com for this awesome image!

I had a great training day today.  A brick training session right after work followed by a 1km pool swim in the evening!  Yeah Buddy!!!


My bike ride was incredibly solid.  I decided to throw the bike in the car and drive out to the trail along Lake Ontario shoreline.  Amazing!  So worth it.  Normally I bike from my house, wrestling with residential streets – stop signs, traffic lights, frequent turns, and cars.  Here I could just go.  My end pace time wasn’t as great as I’d like, mostly because this was my first time going to this trail and I had a bit of trouble finding it from the parking lot.  But now that I know where I’m going I think I can cut the searching out in the future!

The run was a bit less solid.  I remember thinking, while on the bike, “hmm, there’s not a lot of shade on this path”.  Didn’t really bother me on the bike, but boy did it suck on the run.  Of course, that’s what I get for setting out right after work at 4:00pm.  It was HOT.  I barely crawled through 2kms at a pace almost 2 minutes/km slower than my normal.  Not cool.  I’ll give myself some credit for slugging through at least a partial run after my ride, but I really need to work on that.


After a break of about 3 hours for dinner and dishes I hit the pool.  I knew I was swimming almost exclusively with my arms as my legs were DONE by this point (but I’m normally an upper body swimmer anyway).  By 400m my shoulder was starting to bark at me a bit.  By 600m the old man in the lane beside me – who I had been swimming past easily earlier in the session – was now blowing right past me.  By 800m I was really arguing with myself to push on.  Normally swimming 1km is a bit of a breeze.  I guess it’s a good thing it’s the first leg of a tri race and not the last.  That was tougher than it should be

So, in all, I’m super stoked to have gotten all three sessions in on the day.  I feel great – tired, but great!  But I do have to take a critical look at my run.  I’m not a strong runner at the best of times, but that was gross.  Really need to focus over the next two weeks on my run, and a few more brick sessions to run off the bike (’cause that’s a lot harder than going for a straight run out the front door)


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