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Story time

A cheery picture for a Monday, courtesy – as always – from Google Images

A good friend of mine, Jeremy, is a Life Coach.  He has an uncanny knack for inspiring me.  Years ago he was a personal trainer, and came to know me at my lowest couch potato point.  Since then I’ve followed his work as a reminder of where I’ve come from, and that even when it seems hard, I can get to where I want to be.  Check out his website Life Coach for Success – he does great work!

I’m on an email list he runs.  This morning he sent out an inspirational (and true) story that I’d like to broadcast.  Seriously, this man and his sons are crazy-good on Unicycles…

If you had been standing on the side of the road in Elmira, you would have seen my nine year old son, Nolan, and I driving toward you…

… on our unicycles.

Last year all three boys and I learned to ride on one wheel.  When you ride around town on one wheel you attract all kinds of comments.

“Where’s the rest of your bike???”

“Can you pull a wheelie?”

“What’s the matter, can’t you afford a whole bicycle?”

And they all think it is the first time we have ever heard it.  After the comedians, the most common thing you will hear is “WOW, you must have amazing balance.”

That morning as Nolan and I were cruising along that was exactly what the lady said to us.  Once we were a bit further down the road Nolan says to me, “Dad, I don’t understand why people say that.”  Now keep in mind that this kid has a pretty unique way of
looking at the world.

“What do you mean, Nolan?”

“Well” he says.  All of his profound statements start with “Well” so I knew something good was coming.

“If you take two people and the first one has great balance but doesn’t care about riding a unicycle, they will never learn to ride.”

“Um hmmm…” I said.

“Then you take another person who’s balance isn’t so hot but they really want to learn, they will get it eventually, right?”

You see Nolan knows something that the lady on the side of the road and every other person who comments about great balance doesn’t.  Most people did not see the weeks we spent falling on our butts, sweating, wobbling, and struggling.

(and maybe a bit of cursing too if I am being honest)

Most people didn’t see the hours of FAILURE we invested, they only see what they perceive as ‘amazing balance.’

I asked Nolan a question that I will also ask you. “Where else in life do you think that may be true?”

Where else do you think that persistence and determination are far more important than natural skill? Have you ever seen someone do something you perceive as amazing and assume it is natural talent you are witnessing rather than the result of hard work?

Nolan’s observation goes far beyond uncycling or any other physical challenge. If there is something you would like to work toward, even if you don’t have all the talent in the world, you can still be successful.  Even more successful than those with all the talent that do not possess your persistence and determination.

So go ahead, fall, wobble, and even curse if you have to.

But if the goal is truly important to you, keep diggin’

As Jeremy would say, “Make it a Great Day”



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