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Ditching the drink

Doesn’t everything look like a good idea when photographed at an upward angle?

I’m a few days late with this post… life happens…

Now less than a month from Race Day, the wife and I have decided to give up the drink for 2 weeks.  We actually started this 3 days ago.  So far, with the exception of last night – margaritas happen – it’s going well

(I know: “how can I say it’s going well when we’re only 3 days in and margaritas have already happened” you say?  The 80% rule!  We knew last night would be dicey.  That said, I kept myself to only one.)

Alcohol is a training killer!  According to www.fitness.com:

Calories from alcohol are essentially calories without any nutritional benefit whatsoever. Not only that, its calories is actually consumed first when combined with other macronutrients like proteins carbohydrates and fats. This means a delaying or postponing of the fat-burning process that could potentially mean more fat storage.

It’s not like we’re heavy drinkers – we’re not.  A beer, or a glass of wine with dinner is rather nice.  But it wrecks your training session, especially when our schedules lead to most training being done in the evening, after dinner.  And it’s more than the direct physiological impacts of alcohol that impact training – there are some non-insignificant indirect impacts too:

  • It’s expensive!  We’re not exactly rich, and buying wine and beer takes a good bit out of our budget.  The money saved on alcohol could pay for my swim pass, or buy new running clothes – either of which are better investments
  • It messes up your next morning.  It leaves you dehydrated and cotton mouth.
  • It’s rarely alone.  Alcohol is best friends with staying up later than you should on a school night, loud music, greasy food, and all kinds of other poor decisions that don’t contribute to a good training session tomorrow (my god I sound like a grumpy old cuss!)

So we’re trying this for 2 weeks to see how it goes.  See if it actually makes a difference in our training.  At worst, it saves us a few dollars and we’ll enjoy a beer again in a few weeks.  At best, it’ll help us get a leg up on our training right when we need it the most.

I’d love to know your thoughts: Does alcohol impact your workouts?  Do you notice a difference in your workouts after a night with a drink or two?  Do you miss workouts on occasion after a night with a drink or two?  Or if not workouts, impacts to your general health and well being?


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