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Morning mess

It’s not actually this bad – but it might as well be…

I feel like my morning could be turned into a camp fire song…

The alarm went off at 6:15 this morning.  The plan: A brick training session with focus on run endurance.  My wife was also getting up to do her long run this morning, training towards her half-marathon.

Getting out of bed was TOUGH, but I did it.  I looked out the window – the sky was dark and discouraging, and the ground wet from recent rain.  I really wished I was still in bed, but I was going to push through!  I ate a quick breakfast, and changed into my training clothes.

My bike needed to have the tires pumped up a bit.  I pumped up the front tire.  I was about to pump up the second tire when my wife came in and told me to stop and listen.  It’s amazing how silent the house can get at 6:15.  Then I heard it – the sound of heavy rain.  Shit.  We both agreed we’d be soaked within a minute out there.  This morning’s session was off.  I was out of bed for nothing!

But I’d pumped up one tire, I thought I might as well pump up the second…

Let’s be honest here: I’m not a morning person.  Sometimes things don’t go very smoothly in the morning, and I don’t always know why.  I put the pump nozzle onto the valve the same way I always do, pushed down on the pump plunger, but instead of the usual hiss of air moving into the tire, I heard a pop sound and the tire went flat.  I pulled the nozzle off the valve, and the valve pin had been pushed through the rim inside the tire.  It’s busted.  I have no idea how I made that happen.

I managed to not do any training, but somehow wreck my bike wheel in the process.  This morning just wasn’t meant to be.  Back to bed I went, grumpy and half asleep.  Maybe I’ll try a run this evening – bricks are not an option until I can get the bike into the shop.


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