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Back in the pool!

Damn it felt good to jump back in

Tonight I swam.  It was amazing!

I haven’t actually made it to the pool since before  the wedding – schedules (aka life outside of training) kept getting in the way.  The funny thing about swim training is that it’s so much less accommodating for budding athletes – relatively speaking – than running or biking.  You can only swim when the pool is open, and when you have the means and the available time to get to the pool when the pool is open.

Not only was it good to get back in the pool from a  training perspective, it was really good to get back in from a motivation perspective.  Scheduled swims were always the part of my training plan that I would miss.  They kept me from really getting over the hump to go from a “good” training week to a “great” training week.  So far this week is shaping up to be a great training week!

So how was my first swim back?  I would call it a success.  I swam my goal 1km, with only one very short drink break after the first 300m.  The pace was a bit slow – about 25 minutes.  And my arms and shoulders are going to feel like lead tomorrow morning (apparently I’ve been doing a lot of running and biking and stairs and squats so far this summer… right, arms are needed for the swim.  Must give them some attention too).  But the mechanics felt great, and I had more than enough gas in the tank to swim the full distance.  So I’m happy with it.

And now, to sleep like the dead!



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