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Pain in the glutes!

We have a love-hate relationship…

I commute to work each day (thankfully only 3 days per week) – 150km round trip per day, taking over an hour each direction.

I’ve recently noticed that each day when I get out of my car, my legs are sore.  Particularly my hamstrings (or what my non-medical educated self diagnosis perceives to be my hamstrings).  They’re really tired, and often the first few steps away from my car are a bit tentative and wobbly until they loosen up a bit.

I’ve been wondering about the impact this has on my running.  I was trying to do a Google search to find anything about car commuting and hamstring issues – lots about general health impacts of car commuting (note to self: STOP THIS!!!), but nothing specific to hamstrings.  But then I found this site, talking about general sitting impacts to a runner’s health.  Of course, sitting here in my office chair as I read the article – and especially further as I type this post – I’m realizing that my hamstrings and glutes are tight and cranky even now.

I guess that’s the peril of the urban worker.  The human body was not designed for long commutes, office chairs,  and cubicle working.  We were designed to move.  But in today’s world, we don’t do what we were designed to.  We drive cars, sit in hard chairs, in buildings with circulated air.  We eat processed food because it’s convenient, and let’s us get back to our cars and our desk chairs faster.  We jeopardize our bodies – our health – for modern efficiency.

Last night, my wife and I did the escarpment stairs, just like our work out plans called for.  But when we were done, instead of going straight home we both decided impulsively to do a quick 2.5km jog around through the park.  Neither of us had our ipods, or headphones, or GPS devices to track distance or pace.  Neither of us had our usual tools with us.  We just ran as our legs took us.  It was possibly the best run I’ve had in a long time.  It felt amazing!

The body is meant to move.  Not to sit in a car, or an office chair, or a cubicle.  It’s not meant to be shoehorned into modern work schedules, fueled by fast food, or evaluated by hand held devices.  We’re meant to move – to be free – to use our muscles as they need!

… and on that note, I’m getting up from this desk and going for a walk (after this conference call is over, of course)


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