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For want of a plan

This is how I decide what workout to do each night

I feel like I’m in a bit of a funk.  My workout plan is a bit of a train wreck right now.  I had a wonderful plan written down… but somewhere along the line I stopped following it.

The wedding was over 2 weeks ago, and with it gone also went the end of excuses.  But things haven’t really picked up.  In the 2 months since my self-proclaimed arbitrary “start” to the summer training season I’ve done 2 bike sessions, 0 swim sessions, and have seen my running stamina actually decrease.

The largest culprit seems to be my lack of training plan.  Since I stopped following the plan I wrote down, each evening I’ve been deciding on the fly what to train.  Which has resulted in almost exclusive run training (since run training requires the least investment – you don’t have to drive out to a pool, and it’s half the time investment of a bike ride).  But along with deciding each night what to train comes also having to decide to train… or not to train.  A little too often, I’m choosing not to train.

And with the lack of progress, and lack of enthusiasm, so has come the lack of blog posting.

With half the summer gone it’s time to re-evaluate my plan.  I still have over 7 weeks until Race Day – there’s no reason I can’t still make some training progress.  With that in mind, I present a new plan.  And a promise to my readers to stick to it!

+ means that I’ll start at that distance, and plan to increase week over week.  (optional) items put on the calendar recognizing that I’m not a professional triathlete – I have a life, and it’s summer time.  Sometimes the schedule has to be a bit flexible.

Feedback is welcome (and encouraged).  And help me stay accountable… no more deciding what I feel like on any given night!


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