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Wrench in the plan

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While thinking ahead to my scheduled swim tonight, I had a gut feeling to check the City of Hamilton’s website to look up the pool hours, with school winding down.  Sure enough, beginning July 1st, the pool a few blocks from my house will no longer be hosting evening length swims.


Being a city dweller, the swim can sometimes be the trickiest of tri events to train, purely due to logistics.  Running, you can put your shoes on and step out the door and go.  Biking is only a little trickier, in that you want to find a route with good pavement and minimal interruptions like traffic lights, but if you have a bike, you can train almost anywhere.

Swimming is a whole other matter.  Unless you live on a lake, you need to go to a body of water (be it natural, or chlorinated).  And when that body of water closes, you’re pretty much up shit creek.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got all kinds of options.  They still do a lunch hour swim, which I may try on days I work from home.  But that’s not ideal – work meetings have a funny way of running long and changing my intended lunch time.  Or there’s a dozen other facilities in the city, surely one of them still hosts evening swims.  But again, not as handy as the pool I could walk to in 5 minutes (although maybe one of them will be nicer – my pool is a dump).  And I probably shouldn’t call my City Counselor to complain, as the time slot has been given to Family Open Swim throughout the summer (aka let the kiddies jump in the cold pool at the end of a hot day).

Still… Shit!  The best laid plans…

– DO’G

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