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Boredom eating

That’s usually what I’m looking for too…

Today’s a slow day at work.  My legs are jumping with energy – I want to run and play and get outside, but I’m stuck in this cubicle.  It’s our slow season – I like quieter periods at work.  But today is really slow.  I find myself wanting for distraction (hence, this post).  But it’s really helped me pick up on a personal trend of mine: When I’m at work, I eat out of habit.  I don’t eat because I’m hungry (well, I’m sure I do some of that too) – I eat for something to do.  When I need a break from what I’m working on, I reach for something to eat.  When I need to stop and think on a task, I reach for something to eat.  And when I’m faced only with the piddly little tasks I’ve been putting off for weeks, and nothing of urgency to do, by gods do I want to eat!

I’ve eaten enough already.  I had a full breakfast, a muffin, a can of pop, a great sandwich, and a granola bar.  That’s more than enough food by 2pm.  I think I’m hungry still, but it’s a funny kinda hungry.  The kind that’s super distracting, but I have a feeling if I actually started doing something that made me think, I would forget about it.  Except I onlythink I would forget about it.  What if I’m actually hungry?  I had a good workout yesterday – maybe I need a few more calories today?  What if I’m actually hungry and trying to force myself to ignore it?


Maybe this is how I’ve managed to stay overweight for the past 15 years?  Maybe I don’t actually know how to listen to my body?

Knowing when to eat is like knowing when to breathe; when to go to the bathroom; when to grab a tissue before a sneeze.  It’s something you learned at a much younger age.  How do you re-train yourself as an adult when you realize you don’t actually know for sure when you’re hungry?  How do you learn to eat to fuel yourself (instead of eating out of boredom)?  How do you learn to listen to your body?

Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

– DO’G

  1. Chris
    June 26, 2012 at 9:58 am

    Real answer? Talk to a nutritionist.

    • June 26, 2012 at 10:01 am

      Funny enough, I’ve never thought of that. I think of nutritionists as people who can help you balance what you eat so you’re getting the right nutrition (etc.) I don’t think the quality of food I eat is – on average – all that poor. But the quantity and frequency is awful. A nutritionist can help with this?

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