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Belated Happy Father’s Day

Something like that… but bigger… much bigger

My training plans for this weekend kinda went to shit.  I spent a good 6 hours each of two days doing manual labor outside instead of biking or running.  I think I’ll call that cross training and be okay with it.

I spent this past weekend helping my father build a shed in his  back yard.  My father lives on a giant body of water and wants a place to house all of his water toys (sails and stuff like that).  The shed must be roughly 12′ x 20′ in footprint, and has wall heights of 8′ and 12′ on either side.  It’s pretty damn big.  I spent a lot of time hauling floor boarding up onto the roof joists using a system that should have had pulleys (but did not) and a fraying rope.  And then standing on a ladder reaching overhead to hammer them in.  I think we re-wrote the book on how not to properly use a hammer… or a ladder, or safety equipment of any type for that matter… but we actually got it done.

It didn’t even occur to me until the end of the first day that I was up at my father’s place over Father’s Day weekend.  Father’s Day to me has always been a commercial holiday and not one I’ve paid close attention to.  But this was actually kinda special.  I watched him work – he doesn’t know a lot about construction (although he knows more than me), but he makes up for it with a general sense of strength and fitness, and an awareness of how to use his body and muscles to get a job done.  And he just kept going.  I thought over and over this weekend, if I can be in as good of shape at 60 years old as he is, I’ll be damn happy with that.  Not only is he doing all this physical work (in some cases probably more than necessary if he knew what he was doing), but he’s doing it so he can have a place to put all his toys, so he can go out on the water and do more physical activity.  And he’s 60!

By comparison, I struggle to make myself run a few kms every other day.

My dad is a source of inspiration to me – spending time with him motivates me to get in better shape, and to make sure I’m healthy and active at that age for my wife and kids the way he has been for us.  Training for triathlon is about more than striving for a new Personal Best time – it’s about striving for a better lifestyle.  A healthier, more active, and more energetic lifestyle.  If I can have that at the end of the day, the way he does, that’s better than all the PB times put together.

Happy (belated) Father’s Day Dad.  Thank you!


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