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On the road again

Just a random google image of a bicyclist. It’s early. But it’s amazing when you type ‘Bike Ride’ into google images how many pictures of naked cyclists come up. Oh the internet…

Yesterday I got Big Red (my road bike) out for her first spin of the season.  In fact, it was the first time I’d gone for a road ride in almost 10 months.  I know bikes often get put away for the winter, but 10 months?  My how things got in the way of biking this year…

It was a mediocre bike ride.  Not as fast as my race pace at the end of last year (go figure), but actually not horrible.  And much better than my first ride last spring was.  Suggests there’s been some level of improvement over the cold dark winter months.

But I think most of all, it was fun to go fast again.  My love of road cycling circles around one thing: I love going fast.  Find a down hill stretch, put it in a heavy gear, get low in the drop handle bars and see just how fast you can get the wind rushing by you.  I love road cycling.  I love going fast.  Biking season is back.  Huzzah!!!


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