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Getting the ball rolling

Yep, that’s about how it felt

Today I wrote my exam for work (not sure if I passed or not, won’t find out for a few weeks).  With that behind me, IT’S SUMMER!!!  And now that it’s summer, it’s training time!!! (Yay! Woo! Huzzah!)

Training started with a bike ride to and from the exam site – roughly 12km each way.  I took the beater bike, which made it a bit harder on the thighs.  Plus, not having been on a bike of any type at all in over 9 months made it tough on the thighs too.  And the ass.

So how did I fallow that up?  The wife and I hit the escarpment stairs for the first time since mid-early April.  Cause the thighs felt like they needed a bit more work tonight… er… yeah.  We got to the top alright – the wife did just fine, but my lungs were on fire and by the end my legs didn’t want to pick up.  I remember being better at stairs than that.  Strange what taking 2 months off will do to you…

Anyway, we’re back on the horse, even if it’s a fat old horse out in the back of the pasture going nowhere.  But it’s a start.


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