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Back to real life

Here we go…

Back from the honeymoon.  I wish I could live on a Caribbean cruise for the rest of my life, but that won’t pay the bills.  So we’re back home, and back to work tomorrow.  And that means it’s time to start the summer training program.

I don’t think we did too badly on our cruise.  We didn’t eat or drink *too* much (by cruising terms at least – seriously, it’s incredible how much food some people eat on those ships).  And we only took the elevator once in a week on the ship – the rest of the time was up and down the stairs.  Up to deck 9 for lunch, down to deck 6 for our room, up to deck 11 to lounge, down to deck 5 for dinner.  Over and over.  It just may have balanced out the extra calories from a week of buffets.  Oh, and I did do one 30 minute session on the elliptical machine in the gym while on board – that counts too!

So my wife and I have decided this week to come up with a training plan for the summer.  More than simply “do you feel like going for a run today?”  A written plan to hold each other accountable, incorporating various training, resistance, and stretching sessions.  She would like to do her first running race this summer.  I will be training for a triathlon.  Similar, thought not identical training needs.  I’m actually really looking forward to it.  Plans are good things.

– DO’G

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