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Going on vacation

Hope the view looks like this 🙂

Just a quick update for the loyal readership – no, I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet.  I got married (subtle difference).  There hasn’t been much time for training lately, what with wedding planning, prep, and then getting life back together after.  And what better way to get your feet back under you than to get the hell out of town!

Tomorrow we leave on our honeymoon for a week.  We’re taking a cruise.  Admittedly I did look at the cruise website – looks like there’s gym facilities and perhaps even a running track on one of the decks.  I’ve packed my running shoes and shots.  We’ll see if I actually do any running or not.  I haven’t done any training in over 3 weeks.  I’m gonna be in rough shape when I get back anyway, how much more harm can one more week of sitting on my ass do (especially if it’s sitting on my ass in the Caribbean)? 😉

Talk to you all when I get back.  That’s when training starts for real


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