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This, apparently, is Cincinnati

A quick shout-out on a Monday Morning to a good friend and apparent follower of this blog who is about to tackle his first ever full marathon this coming weekend in Cincinnati.  I’ve never been to Cincinnati, nor have I ever run a marathon, but I’d love to do both someday.  42.2 km (or whatever the hell distance that is in miles).  That’s wicked!!  I can hardly run 3 km.

Best of luck to you buddy this week in your final week of training (which, I’ll bet in spite of tapering will probably still be much better running than I’ll do this week).  Cheers!!

– DO’G

  1. Ryan Laidlaw
    May 2, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    Thanks Dave, I really appreciate the support! Hopefully my body and my will are strong enough to endure.

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