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I miss training

Even this picture helps...

I miss training.  It’s been over a week since I’ve done anything – no running, no swimming, no weight training.  A whole lot of nothing.  Actually, I’m doing a whole lot of too much, and that’s really the problem.

Training does more for me than improve my cardio and speed.  I’ve realized how much it grounds me.  Staying in my training routine helps me sleep better.  Staying in my training routine motivates me to eat better.  When I don’t train, these both tend to spiral negatively until I’m a bit of a wreck.

But more than anything, training helps me manage stress.  When I go for a run, I don’t think about work.  I don’t think about the to-do list.  I don’t think about anything except my breathing, and my legs, and how the heck I’m going to convince myself to run the next 500 meters.  When I get home from running my legs are exhausted, my body too tired to move and too full of endorphins to care.  Life is good, and stressors feel like they’re on another world.

I haven’t exercised in way too long, and I’m in a particularly stressful point in my life right now.  Good stress (getting married, opportunities at work, etc.), but stressful nevertheless.  In fact there are many things on my list that I’m not getting to, some of which are much higher priority than training.  But I think I miss training the most.  If I had time to train, it would help me cope better with everything else.  It would help me relax – I think I miss feeling relaxed more than anything else.  It’s funny to think of something so active and energizing as being equally relaxing, but it’s true.  I think I need to find ways to fit training back in.


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