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Learning to be a runner

If only I could get out of bed to run at sunrise - that would be cool to see

Firstly – my apologies to all those loyal readers who have had shit-all for new content in the past two weeks.  I’ve felt like I haven’t had much to post about.  But in retrospect, that’s actually not true…

What have I been doing these past two weeks?  I’ve been learning to be a runner.  Not learning how to run (I still don’t know that I properly know how to run), but learning to be a person who runs.  Learning to make it a part of my life.

I haven’t swam at all these past two weeks (largely because my swim card has expired and I haven’t had the cash on me to buy a new one – which makes a great excuse to stay on the couch and not go to the pool).  It’s given me a few planned nights off.  Consequently, I’ve been able to structure the according days and stick to a schedule.

Wednesdays are stairs day!  I think I’ve hit them 4 straight weeks now.  Yay for consistency.  Yay for running up 508 steps straight up the Hamilton escarpment.  Yay for not hurling my dinner at the top, even though it’s been close a couple of times.  This past week I even managed to do a ~1Km run at the top of the stairs – notable as my heart rate is through the roof by the time I get to the top, so going straight into the run is no small feat.  But it’s good tri training – it symbolizes the feeling of getting off of the bike (having previously finished the swim) and having to set out on a run.

When not doing the stairs, these past two weeks I’ve been repeating my 2.8km loop.  Not a far distance at all, but focusing on running the full length and not having to stop and walk.  That’s actually a big deal for me.  With one exception, I have repeatedly pulled this off.  I’m learning to be a runner – not to take walk breaks when I’m uncomfortable (because running is hard, and wouldn’t it be nice to walk instead).  I’m learning to be a runner – to plan out a week’s training plan, to plan out my training sessions, and to stick to my plan.  I’m learning to be a runner – to really enjoy the feeling of going for and completing a run, getting a bit stronger each session, and feeling good about it.

I’m learning to be a runner – to not take more than 1 day off between training sessions!  To stick with it, and build it up.

Starting next week (aka tomorrow) my goal is to start building in one longer session each week, but otherwise continue to repeat my 2.8km loop.  I want to get stronger in terms of growing comfort in running the full distance – not just making it, but feeling like I can do it easy, and could do more.  It’s like a sports team building a culture of winning.  I don’t want to step out the door seeing how far I can run.  I want to step out the door knowing I can run this whole route.

I can do this!

A year ago I would step out the door expecting to huff and puff and already thinking about my first walk break.  Today I step out the door with confidence – I can go enjoy my run instead of wondering if I can make it.  That is such a great feeling!!!


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